It’s the 40th Anniversary for Hot Spring®!

Did you know that Hot Spring is the largest hot tub manufacturer in the industry?

Our relentless pursuit of making the best hot tub in the world was just one way we got there. We also partner with the absolute best hot tub dealers in North America. Not only are our dealers committed to delivering a fantastic shopping experience, but they also give back to their local communities. Hot Spring is part of the Watkins Wellness® family of brands, where the “Watkins Way” is not just words on paper – it is lived every day. In honor of our 40th anniversary, we’ve gathered 40 Acts of Kindness to highlight all of the great work our dealers are doing in their community. We hope it inspires you to make every day better.

Read their amazing stories below.

Hot Spring Spa to Customer In Need

Ohio Pools & Spas constantly supports our community by holding various social media contests throughout the year and by donating free two-week Hot Spring spa rentals to charities and foundations. One of our contests on Facebook that we hold on a yearly basis is a free two-week spa rental with set up and delivery for people who suffer from arthritis. We ask people to submit their stories and tell us how they think a spa can help them relieve their condition. Teresa Wyatt was a recent winner. Her Hot Spring Spa was delivered and set up for her to enjoy for the next two weeks. Two weeks went by and we received a call from Teresa telling us how much she is enjoying her rental and how much better she feels since she started using it, and she also asked if she can keep the spa for another week. We were touched by her story and after another week went by, Rich Annis—Ohio Pools & Spas owner, went to visit Teresa and her family to let her know that they can keep the Hot Spring spa forever!

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