It’s the 40th Anniversary for Hot Spring®!

Did you know that Hot Spring is the largest hot tub manufacturer in the industry?

Our relentless pursuit of making the best hot tub in the world was just one way we got there. We also partner with the absolute best hot tub dealers in North America. Not only are our dealers committed to delivering a fantastic shopping experience, but they also give back to their local communities. Hot Spring is part of the Watkins Wellness® family of brands, where the “Watkins Way” is not just words on paper – it is lived every day. In honor of our 40th anniversary, we’ve gathered 40 Acts of Kindness to highlight all of the great work our dealers are doing in their community. We hope it inspires you to make every day better.

Read their amazing stories below.

Baker Pool & Spa

Dealer Website

Chesterfield, MO

Mom’s on a Mission Supports the Homeless

Baker Pool & Spa helps support a local non-profit organization "Mom’s on a Mission" with several donation drives throughout the year. Currently we are supporting their "Back to School-Supply Drive.” We use our social media to get the word out about the drive, place drop-off bins in our store and take the donated items to the charity. Mom's on a Mission is a charity started by two sisters that decided they wanted to feed the homeless. They purchased the food out of their own pocket, made sandwiches, packed brown lunch sacks with the items and headed to downtown St Louis to pass out their lunches. After handing out what they had made, feelings were mixed. They were so proud and happy to help but also a feeling of sadness followed since there wasn’t enough to feed everyone. They decided to ask some friends for help. The first "mission" yielded 565 lunch sacks of food for the homeless. Each came with an uplifting message of hope for the people receiving the blessing. Now they have grown into a full service non-profit that serves the surrounding communities of St. Louis in many ways. Through a donation from a local family, we were able to purchase an old church building and now operate "Mom’s House" from there. In the basement they operate the "Pay or Pray" thrift store, where people can come and shop for items they need. The best part is nothing is priced - you pick the price! Twice a week they load food, hygiene products, clothes, used backpacks and filled purses into their cars & vans, then head to downtown St. Louis to serve our homeless friends living on the streets. During the year several other events are held for the community. Whether it be our "Holiday Meal Kits" food drives, our "Don't Miss the Dance" event (where low income families can come pick formal dresses for free during homecoming or prom season), our Back to School Kids Event, or sponsoring a "Trunk or Treat" in the local park on Halloween, we try to help out. We at Baker Pool & Spa are proud to help collect donations and continue to spread the word of the wonderful blessings this organization has brought to the area.

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