Family time in the Hot Spring Grandee NXT


Maybe you grew up with a hot tub. Maybe you were recently invited by your friends and neighbors to come over for a soak, and it made you realize what’s been missing from your life. Maybe it’s something you’ve known for a long time, or maybe it’s a realization you’ve come to recently. Whichever way the discovery has come about, there’s one thing you know for sure—the time has come for you to buy a hot tub.

As you launch into your search for your perfect spa, you may find your enthusiasm turning into confusion as you explore the seemingly limitless features, options, colors, warranties, and brands available to you. In truth, the sheer amount of information available can be a little overwhelming. So we decided to see what we could do to present the information you need the most in a simple and straightforward manner.

Here, we’ve put together a side-by-side comparison of two top-tier hot tub series: the Highlife® Collection NXT from Hot Spring® Spas and the 880® Series from Sundance® Spas. We’ve also taken a detailed look at two of the top spas in each series, the Hot Spring Grandee® NXT and the Sundance® Aspen® 880®. By taking a look at these series and models next to each other, you’ll be able to get a good idea of what’s important in a hot tub. Once you’ve got that figured out, you can begin to think about which of these features will matter the most to you and your family as you use your spa.

First up is our comparison of each model in the two series in terms of size, seats, and number of jets. Always bear in mind that more does not always equal better. When it comes to jets, power and positioning are more important than the total number; when it comes to size, only you can decide which size is the best fit for your lifestyle.

The Hot Spring Grandee NXT with a Monterrey Gray cabinet


Size Seats Jets
Sundance® 880® Spas
Aspen™ 90″ x 110″ x 41.5″ 7-8 66
Maxxus™ 90″ x 110″ x 41.5″ 6 65
Optima™ 89″ x 89″ x 37.5″ 6-7 47
Cameo™ 89″ x 89″ x 37.5″ 5-6 54
Altamar™ 81″ x 86″ x 37.5″ 5-6 41
Marin™ 75″ x 91″ x 33″ 4-5 33
Capri™ 69″ x 82″ x 30.5″ 2-3 31
Hot Spring Highlife Collection NXT
Grandee® NXT 8’4″ X 7’7″ X 38″ 7 43
Vanguard® NXT 7’3″ X 7’3″ X 36″ 6 38
Envoy® NXT 7’9″ X 7’7″ X 38″ 5 43
Aria® NXT 7’3″ X 7’3″ X 36″ 4 35
Jetsetter® NXT 7′ X 5’5″ X 33″ 3 22

Taking in the view from a Hot Spring Grandee NXT


Our previous section should have given you a bird’s eye view of what you can expect in terms of a few important hot tub options; now let’s dive into the details. Here are two of the top spas in each series: the Grandee® NXT and the Sundance® Aspen® 880®. By taking an in-depth look at the similarities and differences between these two models, you can start thinking about which features matter the most in your future hot tub.

All the specifications listed are accurate at the time of publication and may change without notice. Before purchasing, please check the branded website or talk to your local dealer for the most up-to-date information.

Sundance® 880® Hot Spring® Grandee® NXT
Seats 7-8 7
Dimensions 90″ x 110″ x 41.5″ 8’4″ x 7’7″ x 38″
Jets 66 jets, in addition to 14 air injector aromatherapy jets. The 43 jets include the following:

  • 30 Directional Precision® jets
  • Two Directional Hydromassage jets
  • Two Rotary Hydromassage jets
  • Two Moto-Massage® DX jets
  • Two SoothingStream® jets
  • Three JetStream® jets.
Water Capacity 520 gallons 500 gallons
Energy Efficiency The high-density foam insulation, the optional factory-installed EcoWrap® insulation, and the Rigid Bond™ hot tub shell all serve to give the Aspen® 880® a high degree of energy efficiency. Energy-efficient elements of the Grandee NXT include:

  • Multi-density foam insulation
  • Custom-fitting insulated covers
  • Energy-efficient pumps
  • A polymeric base pan
Filters The Aspen® relies on UV-C filtration to keep its water pure, employing the 880™ MicroClean® Ultra Filtration System with horizontal MicroClean® Ultra Filter, SlipStream™ weir, Dynamic Flow™ Circulation Pump, and CLEARRAY® system. The Grandee NXT uses top-loading Tri-X® filters with 100% no-bypass filtration.
Pumps The Aspen® has two North America 1-speed 2.5 continuous duty horsepower pumps. The Grandee NXT has two powerful pumps: The Wavemaster 9200, with two speeds and 2.5 continuous duty HP, and the Wavemaster 9000, with one speed and 2.5 continuous duty HP.
Wattage 240 volts at 50 or 60 amps. 230 volts at 50 amps.
Remote Monitoring The Aspen® does not currently offer a remote monitoring system. The Grandee NXT’s remote control panel can be removed from its docking station, allowing owners to monitor and control their spa from any nearby location.
Cooling System The Aspen® does not currently offer a cooling option. The optional CoolZone™ system allows users to heat or cool their water to an ideal temperature— perfect for a soothing soak on a scorching day.
Cabinet The long-lasting cabinet comes in three colors: Coastal, Mahogany, or Autumn Walnut. The durable cabinet is available in three colors: Mocha, Teak, and Monterey Grey.
Shell The Aspen® has sleek, durable shell comes in five colors: Celestite, Platinum, Sahara, Copper Sand, or Monaco. Designed with architecturally-molded corners, the high-quality, scratch-resistant acrylic shell is available in Alpine White, Creme, Ice Gray, Tuscan Sun, Desert, and Platinum.
Control System The Aspen® features the cutting-edge i-Touch control panel. The touchscreen controls and simple icons make it easy for anyone to use, and it’s compatible with SunSmart 2.0 WiFi. The Grandee NXT features the IQ 2020®, a state-of-the-art control system with a wireless touchscreen remote control. It includes a GFCI-protected sub-panel.
Water Features The Aspen® features two backlit AquaTerrace™ variable waterfalls. The BellaFontana® water fountain has three illuminated arcs of water.
Lighting Features The Aspen® is illuminated by multicolor SunGlow™ LED lighting. Two lights are found in the spa and one in each waterfall. In addition, grab bars are illuminated for safety. The Highlife NXT features the Luminescence® multicolor four-zone lighting system.
Heater A titanium coil heater backed by an unconditional 5-year warranty keeps the water in the Aspen® at the perfect temperature. The powerful No-Fault® 4000-watt, 230-volt heater warms water quickly and maintains its temperature effectively.
Circulation Pump Circulation is achieved with three TheraMax high-flow pumps and a Dynamic Flow™ circulation system. The Grandee NXT’s SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump provides silent and continuous filtration.
Water Care Options The CLEARRAY® water management system keeps the water in the Aspen® water pure. Grandee NXT owners can choose between the ACE® Salt Water sanitizing system or the EverFresh® system.
Entertainment Options Owners of the Aspen® have the option of including the BLUEWAVE® spa stereo system. Hot Spring’s wireless audio system lets you stream music live or play music stored on your personal devices. The extended Bluetooth range can reach as far as 150 feet. Song and artist titles display on the control panel. Owners can also choose to include a 22” HD wireless monitor.
Cover Aspen® owners have the choice between the Sundance® genuine vinyl and SunStrong® premium covers. These marine-grade covers are engineered for a tight fit, keeping in heat. Vinyl covers are available in Coastal or Duetto coloring, while SunStrong® covers come in Gray, Sienna, or Black. A 3.5″ to 2.5″ vinyl cover with a 2lb-density foam core in Slate, Chocolate, Caramel, or Evergreen comes with the Grandee® NXT.
Cover Lifter Aspen® owners may choose to also purchase a convenient cover lifter, which uses balance and leverage to make lifting a breeze. An optional cover lifter may be added. Choose from the UpRite®, CoverCradle®, CoverCradle II®, or the Lift ‘n Glide®.
Steps High-quality synthetic wood steps are available in colors that match your hot tub’s shell perfectly. Step options include the NXT step collection designed to match the Highlife NXT; the Everwood® HD Step designed to match the Everwood HD cabinet; and a lightweight polymer step. All step options come in multiple colors chosen to complement your spa.

The Hot Spring Grandee NXT displays its multi-colored waterfall


Everybody has their own sense of taste and style, and no single hot tub is the correct choice for everyone. The hot tub features that matter the most to one person might be less of a priority to another person. Now that you know which features are available, you’ll be able to look through different brands and models to find the hot tub that possesses the qualities and functions that matter most to you, whether that’s powerful massage jets, sleek and modern design, the latest advancements in energy efficiency, or beautifully illuminated waterfalls. For more information on the Highlife® Collection NXT and other premium Hot Spring spas, browse through our website, or visit your local dealer to look at the models up close. Many dealers even offer test soaks to give you a chance to try out a hot tub before making a decision. A well-made, high-quality hot tub can last for a long time, so whichever hot tub you decide to bring home, it will be an important part of your life for years to come.

Hot Spring Spas considers comfort, efficiency, and style are the most important features we include in all our hot tubs. Each one is carefully engineered to bring its owners to a state of bliss as they soak, all while keeping energy costs low and looking sharp. We’re proud to compare our spas with other top brands because we’re confident in the high engineering quality, sophisticated design, energy efficiency, and longevity of our hot tubs. Request information on pricing or download our brochure to find the hot tub you’ve been waiting for.