Keeping up with hot tub maintenance and service means you’ll always be able to enjoy hot soaks with the people you love.

When your car breaks down, depending on the type of issue and your level of expertise and comfort, you either fix it yourself or take it to a qualified mechanic. The same logic applies when your hot tub isn’t running as it should. If you can fix it without voiding your warranty, you do; however, it is not recommended. Always consult your local, experienced spa dealer before attempting any repair.

Quality hot tubs, like cars, are built to last a long while. A durable spa that’s well maintained can last a decade or longer. Still, on rare occasions, hot tubs break down, perhaps due to defective parts or improper care. Here’s everything you need to know about hot tub maintenance and service, as well as the spa manufacturer’s warranty.


To enjoy the comfort, relaxation, and health benefits of hot tub therapy over the course of your spa’s life, you’ll need to maintain it as per the owner’s manual. Maintenance tasks are fairly easy and necessary. For instance, changing the water in your hot tub and cleaning and replacing spa filters are simple tasks, but if you don’t do both your water may develop an odor and become cloudy or foamy, especially after heavy use. Balancing the water is also important, and technology has made this and other types of maintenance easier than ever.

Additionally, remember that spas aren’t all made the same. Spas engineered and designed by Spasearch TradeCertified manufacturers who use high quality, durable materials will not only be easiest to maintain, but also will last longer. Spa systems matter, too. For example, the ACE® Saltwater System will keep your spa water clear for a year or longer by automatically generating active oxygen cleaners from just a little bit of salt.

While maintaining your spa takes very little effort, your highly trained local dealer is always ready to help if you need it. More important, you dealer will always be available to handle both minor and serious service issues.


Whenever you experience a problem with your spa, it’s always a good idea to consult your local dealer. While general handyman knowledge can certainly be applied to some areas of hot tub repair, your dealer’s guidance, knowledge, and experience are invaluable. Learn more by watching this short video:

Your dealer service reps and technicians are with you from the moment you buy your spa to the moment you trade it in or sell it. And your spa manufacturer backs your new hot tub with a strong warranty. All are invested in your long-term satisfaction and, in short, have you covered.

Reputable dealerships help with hot tub maintenance and service.


Quality hot tub manufacturers stand by their products and have earned certification from the International Standards Organization, which proves reliability and adherence to international industry best practices. In particular, ISO 9000 certification denotes that a company meets Quality Management Systems standards and meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s stated capabilities.

Nonetheless, regardless of certification and stringent quality control systems, spa defects can happen. So, respectable hot tub manufacturers sell their spas through a network of trusted dealerships and back all of their products with sound warranties to provide you with peace of mind.

As you shop for your new hot tub, take a close look at the warranty for the specific spa you have in mind. It should be readily available from your local dealer and online at the manufacturer’s website. For example, here is the warranty for Hot Spring® Limelight® Collection spas. You should also compare warranties, looking for any gaps in coverage. Issues related to defective parts that are covered under your warranty should be repaired rapidly and typically on-site by your local dealer or a contractor they recommend.

It doesn't take much work to keep your hot tub in tip top shape with regular maintenance and service.


Not every hot tub issue is the result of a defect. How you use and care for your spa will affect its performance. If you take good care of your spa and maintain it properly, it will take care of you.

When a repair not covered under the warranty is necessary, your best bet is to trust the experienced hands of a professional. However, you might choose to handle it yourself. Whether or not you should tackle a repair depends on the following:

  • The complexity of the issue.
  • Your amount of free time and interest in performing repairs
  • The tools you have available.
  • Your plumbing and electrical knowledge and your experience working with synthetic materials.

When assessing a repair, consider these factors in combination. Even if the issue is small, such as a circuit breaker that repeatedly trips, if you don’t have time, tools, interest, or knowledge, you may wish to consult a service professional. On the other hand, if you’ve got time and interest, you can acquire the tools and maybe even the knowledge. One way to gain hot tub knowledge is by reading your owner’s manual. An even better way is to talk to your local dealer.

Your local dealer is your best source for advice and hot tub maintenance and service.

Finally, always consult your local dealer before taking on a repair yourself. Tackling a problem on your own may cause a more serious problem or even void your warranty, which could increase the cost of repairs down the road. The experienced service technicians at your local dealer are highly trained. Trust them to do a job right the first time.

Your Hot Spring spa is built to be enjoyed for as long as you own it. Our rigorous quality control system minimizes defects, while our knowledgeable and trustworthy local dealers are ready to handle any problems as soon as they arise. To learn more about Hot Spring spas and pricing, request a quote.