Owning a hot tub is a true joy

Thinking of buying a hot tub? We’re here to help. Hot Spring Spas is one of the top-selling hot tub brands on the market, and the only manufacturer to build more than 1 million hot tubs. After over 40 years in business, we’ve learned a lot about what hot-tubbers want in a home spa. We’ve also learned the questions shoppers ask most and have worked hard to answer those questions on our FAQ page and in our blog, The Spring.

To help you find the answers to your hot tub questions, we’ve gathered our most helpful content for hot tub shoppers from 2018 below. We’ve also grouped them by theme, so you can jump right to the answer you’re looking for. If after reading you still have questions, let us know on Facebook.

Discover why a Hot Spring spa is more than a hot tub.

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In this section, we’ve collected content containing broad information. You can pore over hot tub statistics and pricing information and discover the latest and coolest hot tub innovations from Hot Spring.

Hot Tub Facts & Stats: All You Need To Know Before Buying a Spa

If you have questions about the nuts and bolts of hot tubs, including jets and pumps, this piece is for you. It explains how to read specifications and compare hot tub models. It also contains important hot tub statistics, the great benefits of spas, and safety facts.

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost in 2018?

Read this post and watch the video below to learn about hot tub pricing tiers and how costs are determined. You’ll also find great advice on service plans, choosing a dealer, and used hot tubs.

What’s New for Hot Spring in 2018?

Whether you’re looking to replace or trade-in your current hot tub, or you’re a first-time buyer, this post will catch you up on the newest and most cutting-edge spas.

Choosing the Best Placement for Your Hot Tub

Backyard, patio, deck, rooftop, or inside? Choosing the perfect spot for your new hot tub can be a challenge. This article includes tips on possible locations, the pitfalls to avoid when picking out your hot tub’s new home, and ways to prepare the area for installation and delivery. Also, take a look at the video below.


Buying a hot tub can be complicated. For example, many shoppers don’t know the best place to buy a spa, which features are most important, and what factors influence maintenance. Knowing the pricing tiers and what you’re actually paying for when you buy a hot tub will also help you make your final decision. So, if you’re not sure where to start, browse the articles in this section. By the time you’re done, you’ll know everything you need about buying the perfect hot tub for your lifestyle and needs.

What’s the best place in your backyard for a hot tub?

Hot Tub Shopping Tips from a Retail Expert

Mario Maichel, our Dealer Development Manager, shares tips for hot tub shoppers in this article. Not only will it guide you through the process of shopping for a hot tub, but it’ll also give you the knowledge you need to make a smart, informed choice. Consider watching the video below, too.

Hot Tubs for Sale Near Me: Narrowing in on the Perfect Shopping Experience

Written to help you find local hot tub shopping options, this article covers all of the places you’ll find hot tubs for sale and compares each one based on seller expertise, level of service, and spa selection. You’ll learn not only how to find a hot tub, but also how to find the right hot tub.

The Best Time of Year to Buy a Hot Tub

Any time of the year is a great time to buy a hot tub. Unlike shopping for winter coats and bathing suits, there is no perfect season to nab savings on a spa. This piece provides tips on finding great deals, zero-interest financing, and inventory clearance markdowns. It also explains why hot tubs are great all year round.

The right accessories can take your hot tub experience to the next level


The latest hot tubs come with plenty of options for customizing. Some are downright essential, while others are so enticing you’ll just have to have them. The articles in this section detail how to determine which hot tub accessories will best compliment your home and lifestyle, and fill your desires.

What are the Best Accessories for My Outdoor Hot Tub?

This piece gets straight to the point. It lists the top hot tub accessory options and helps you decide which spa-side enhancements to add to your must-have list. Watch the video below, too, to discover the important questions you’ll want to ask your dealer about spa features.

Saltwater Hot Tub vs Chlorine: Which Is Right for Your Family?

With so many spa water care systems, it can be tough to determine which one is best for you and your family. This piece compares traditional chlorine water care systems with modern saltwater sanitizers, so you can make a well-informed decision. The video below explains how simple it is to keep your water clean.

Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Hot tubs need covers, and well-insulated, high-quality covers are heavy. As a result, they can be difficult to remove and replace, making a cover lifter an important, if not essential, hot tub accessory. This page details hot tub cover lifter options, including clearance specs, so you can head to your dealer knowing which is best for your specific hot tub location.

Hot Tub Entertainment Systems

A modern, high-tech spa features so many entertainment options that it could be considered a second living room. This page will show you all the entertainment features that come standard with your hot tub, as well as the options for listening to music and watching your favorite TV shows and movies without ever leaving the comfort of your spa.

Hot Spring Spas is driven by the idea that everyone can benefit from a hot tub. We hope the helpful articles above will answer all of your spa questions and lead you to the perfect hot tub for you and your family. Once you’ve narrowed your choices down, request a price quote to get one step closer to bringing your new spa home.