Suzanne Delzio

by Suzanne Delzio

a young couple surfs the internet looking for the best hot tub deals with the lowest prices

Today’s busy consumer is abandoning:

  • malls for online ordering

  • the grocery store for free two-day delivery

  • a store visit for information on vendor websites.

The number of stores consumers physically enter drops each year.


A couple sits on the floor and searches on a laptop for online reviews benefits and tips to find the worlds best hot tub

Buyers research online and by phone. This strategy makes sense.


Some dealers have moved into the digital age with a new set of tools to support the unseen customer.

Our dealers report that a growing slice of their business comes from people who research online and call with their model and features selected. The first time these buyers set eyes on their spa is when the unit is carried into their backyard.

Buyers research online and by phone. This strategy makes sense. Our dealers are available to answer questions in real time, and can quickly guide you to relevant web pages for more details.

“The number of stores consumers physically enter drops each year.”

If you’re considering a hot tub, it’s easy to share your goals (arthritis and other pain relief, athletic performance enhancement, social opportunity, family time in nature) with the dealer, who can then explain in-depth important features like size, wattage, jet configuration and water care systems. A knowledgeable representative can also help you fine-tune goals so that you can move forward in the buying process. None of this requires departure from the comfort of your home or office, or time spent traveling to and from a showroom.



A look at the product, a wet test and a face-to-face conversation are must-haves for many spa shoppers.


Yes, People Buy Hot Tubs via Phone

Some customers wouldn’t dream of making such a significant purchase without ever stepping into a store. A look at the product, a wet test and a face-to-face conversation are must-haves for many spa shoppers.

Others may never see the inside of the store. Buying styles are as varied as the families who enjoy hot tubs. You have the flexibility to do what’s right for you.

If you’re a shopper looking for a replacement hot tub, one who has years of experience owning hot tubs, or one who prefers to educate yourself about purchases on your own time and in your own way, you may find that that you don’t need to don trunks and bikinis for a soak in-store.

A huge amount of information is publicly available on models, features and even features of features. Consider how this customer explains his multi-faceted shopping experience:

“I started out looking at pre-owned hot tubs ….The more I educated myself, went to the hot tub stores in my area, researched online, watched videos on how they were made, the features of each brand, being able to separate out the marketing shtick from facts, identifying those specific features important to me, and taking account of how each dealer was able to answer my questions and concerns – I began to gravitate towards the Hot Spring® hot tub.

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, and I feel that the costs bear out as demonstrated by the superior quality, well thought-out design features and my practical usage over time.”

Where would you start?

“Buying styles are as varied as the families who enjoy hot tubs.”


a customers image of their hot tub in a bautiful backyard country setting of a desert canyon

Others want a hot tub to get outside in a luxurious, natural setting or to provide a private place to connect regularly with loved ones while relaxing.


Most use the Internet to approach the decision from four angles:

  • 1. Health, wellness and relaxation

Start your spa search with YOU. What issues do you want the spa to address? How do you want it to enhance your life? How can it ease your difficulties?

Arthritis sufferers choose spa features for maximum buoyancy to increase the space between joints. The increased blood flow alleviates stiffness and swelling. Athletes may need a spa that has the option of hot/cold therapy to reduce lactic acid build up in and bring healing blood-flow to hard-working muscles. Others want a hot tub to get outside in a luxurious, natural setting or to provide a private place to connect regularly with loved ones while relaxing. Most high quality spas achieve all of these goals, but it’s smart to know which hot tub features you will prioritize. Searching online for your issues and hot tub related terms, such as “hot tub stress reduction” or “hot tub arthritis relief” helps you narrow the results.

  • 2. Manufacturer or dealer websites and other channels

Online Brochures

Most hot tub dealers and manufacturers provide thorough spa brochures for each line. It’s easy to keep digital brochures at your fingertips when you save them to your desktop. Bookmark them in a folder just for hot tub research.

Website Research

With several models selected, prospective buyers can revisit the websites where all aspects of the top hot tub contenders are listed. In addition to the aesthetics, product pages cover specs like kWh usage, heater wattage, weight and water capacity. (If you’re curious about hot tub energy costs, try our hot tub energy usage calculator.)

  • 3. Social Surveillance & Engagement

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and More

Once prospective buyers know exactly what they want to achieve with their spa, they can monitor the dealer’s and hot tub manufacturer’s social media channels. Watch for seasonal deals and offers, as well as models and features. Don’t be afraid to jump in and ask questions!

YouTube Videos

Online hot tub videos let you see virtual reality hot tubs in their 3-dimensional brilliance in different settings. Customer hot tub reviews add another dimension to your understanding of how your spa will fit into your life. Many dealers and manufacturers post instructions for maintaining and enjoying the spa. These easily accessible videos support buyers over the life of the spa.

  • 4. Hot Tub Reviews

Your dealer is the key to a positive phone or Internet hot tub buying experience. An experienced, knowledgeable and reputable salesperson can answer your specific questions, provide honest and relevant input and offer support throughout and after the buying process.

Find authorized dealers in your area and read their reviews. Many spa shoppers find buyers with similar budgets, desires and limitations on the Hot Spring Spa reviews page. Insights gathered there can save precious research time.

Where Do You Fall on the Spa Buyer Spectrum?

The best manufacturers and dealers provide in-depth, friendly information through local outlets, social media channels and their website. While some of today’s buyers show up at the store in swimsuit and flippers, starting at square one, plenty of others appear in the inbox with well-researched questions and solid knowledge of models and features. The best dealers are equipped to efficiently help either.

Connect with a dealer near you, in person or online, today.