Family time in the Limelight Pulse

There’s never been a better time to buy a Hot Spring hot tub. And that’s really saying something, because Hot Spring spas have always been an excellent investment. What makes today’s spas different from those of a decade ago, or even from last year? A lot. Design has never been more elegant or precise, and the materials used in construction have never been of higher quality or more energy-efficient. Water care is now easier and some accessories that used to be optional have become standard features. Quality spas aren’t only hot right now, they’re cooler than ever. To see exactly what we mean, take look below at what’s new from Hot Spring in 2018.

Family time in the Limelight Pulse


The future of hot tubs is here. Stepping into a new Hot Spring hot tub is like stepping ahead into a comfortable time machine. For 2018, Hot Spring has updated its Limelight® Collection by releasing three new models and updating two models. The new models—the Prism™, Flash™, and Beam™ join the Pulse® and Flair® with unique features and sizes ranging from intimate to roomy. Here’s how they all stack up:

Size Number of Seats Unique Features
Hot Spring Limelight Collection
Prism 7’7” x 9’2” x 38” 7 Stylish lounge, Adirondack-style seat, and a powerful, extra-large jet in the footwell for foot and leg therapy.
Pulse 7’5” x 7’5” x 38” 7 Open seating, spacious interior, and Precision® mini-foot jets for everyone.
Flash 7’ x 7’ x 36” 7 Open interior, with room for everyone to stretch.
Flair 7’ x 7’ x 36” 6 Contoured, eye-catching lounge seat and expansive interior.
Beam 6’8” x 6’8” x 33” 4 Open seating, powerful foot jets, and different massage options in each corner.

Choosing the Model That’s Right for You

The Limelight spa that’s right for you simply depends on your needs and desires. How will you use your new hot tub and what are the benefits you seek? Will you use it with friends and family? Your answers will help you zero-in on the home spa that will fulfill your dreams.


If you have a large family or frequently entertain guests, the 7-seat Prism may be the best spa for you. It’s the largest hot tub in the Limelight Collection and features a new lounge that’s contoured to fit your body and keep you in place as you enjoy the powerful hydrotherapy. It also includes an Adirondack-style seat with hip-to-foot hydrotherapy. A new footwell area boasts a powerful, extra-large jet that’s only available with the Prism, along with several Precision® mini-jets within reach of every seat.


Almost as large as the Prism, the Limelight Pulse is another roomy, 7-seat spa—no fighting for leg space or seats! It features a new foot pod with several Precision mini-jets to provide soothing foot therapy no matter where you sit in the hot tub.


The 6-seat Flair remains the cornerstone model of the Limelight Collection. Whether you want a spa to lounge in alone or you’re looking forward to sharing the fun and benefits of your spa with friends, the Flair is an ideal option. It, too, has ample interior space and features a new, contoured lounge that comfortably keeps you in place.


The new Flash is great for those who want a lot of space but more seats. It’s every inch as large as the Flair and can accommodate everyone in your tribe equally. With plenty of room inside and a pod in the footwell with four Precision mini-jets, everyone can stretch their legs and enjoy powerful yet relaxing foot massages.


The 4-seat Beam has been exquisitely designed with you, your partner, and a guest or two in mind. The open seating speaks to comfort and each seat has a different hydrotherapy massage option. That means you always have options for enjoying the best massage for your needs or mood. The smaller footprint and a footwell with a powerful three-inch directional jet make the Beam a highly suitable choice for everyday athletes.

The stunning design and powerful hydrotherapy of the new Limelight Collection is already proving to be incredibly popular among shoppers looking for a premium-level spa.

New Hot Tub Features and Improvements

Every aspect of the new Limelight Collection has been redesigned with the intention of melding unparalleled function with beautiful style. Here are all the ways the collection has evolved, including upgrades in construction, water purification, and serviceability of each home spa in the lineup.


You can tell that the new Limelight Collection is intended to be seen by the design and quality of its exterior and interior energy-efficient LED lighting. Exterior spa lights have been re-imagined as vertical bars on two corners. With six color options and multi-color lighting that can be set to one color or to cycle through each, your spa will become an evening centerpiece. Plus, frosted lenses diffuse the light at night and integrate with the cabinet design in the sunlight. Interior lights are spaced carefully throughout the hot tub and various lens sizes delicately illuminate the masterfully carved contours of the spa shell.

Interior lighting in the Limelight Pulse

Diagnostic Logo Light

While the Limelight Collection has been entirely refreshed for 2018, it’s not the only Hot Spring hot tub collection to be updated. Both Limelight and Highlife® Collection hot tubs now feature a multi-colored, diagnostic logo light. Not only does the logo look great, it also informs you when your hot tub needs service.

When the logo is green, your spa is good to go. When it’s yellow, an optional system, such as the CoolZone™ Cooling System, may need attention. If it’s red, maintenance is required and you should consider contacting your dealer.

A green logo means you’re good to go!

Control Panel

The Highlife Collection received another important update this year. All models except the NXT have a new wired and waterproof LCD touchscreen control panel. The panel’s built-in light sensor automatically dims the 4.3” touchscreen display at night and brightens it back up when the sun returns. Plus, an invert button allows you to adjust the controls to face you when inside or outside your hot tub, making settings simple to manage. The Limelight Collection features the LCD control panel with buttons.

The Wired Touchscreen Control Panel for the Highlife NXT Collection


Depending on the model, the jets in Limelight spas are powered by 1-3 forceful pumps. The power ensures that even when the hot tub is fully occupied, everyone enjoys a deep, soothing massage.

Great care went into the appearance and functionality of the jet nozzles, too. Escutcheons made of brushless stainless steel are durable and dazzling, while the sleek Harbor Grey jet faces complement shell colors. The direction of each of the wide 5” and 3” jets can be adjusted at the face, and Precision mini-jets are included where they’re most effective. The ergonomically designed diverters and air valves match the color of the shell.

Stainless steel jet escutcheons in the Limelight Pulse


The Everwood® cabinet is the first thing your guests will notice when they look at your Limelight spa—and it’s a feast for the eyes. Built of durable, weather-resistant synthetic materials, the cabinet comes in three artistic color tones—Espresso, Coastal Gray, and Sable—that are designed to blend into any home decor and stand out in all types of backyards.

Cabinet color options for the 2018 Limelight Collection


The sleek lines and sculpting of the Limelight shell make it a showstopper—it’s as beautiful on the showroom floor as it’ll be in your backyard. With the help of color experts, Limelight Collection designers selected five new shell designs and luxurious shell color options from which owners can choose: Alpine White, Ice Gray, Platinum, Tuscan Sun, and Desert.

Shell color options for the 2018 Limelight Collection


The new footwell tread in Limelight Collection spas helps provide traction when getting into and out of the hot tub. It feels great on the soles and the toes, and complements the design of the shell. Also, all five Limelight models have Precision jets in the footwell, allowing users to enjoy a foot massage from nearly anywhere in the spa.

Water Care

The most essential aspect of your new hot tub is its water care system. Hot Spring designers and engineers have created the most effective water care solutions possible to help you easily maintain clean, clear spa water. Limelight hot tubs have two filters—one for the circulation pump and another for the jet pump(s). Two filters improve total water filtration while reducing filter wear.

Launched mid-2018, all Hot Spot® hot tubs now include FROG® @ease® In-Line System, recommended as the first choice in water are for all Hot Spot spas. The system uses two pre-filled cartridges that fit in an integrated in-line housing that is part of the spa’s plumbing system. The @ease SmartChlor cartridge slowly releases chlorine to sanitize, and the mineral cartridge releases minerals, including silver, that also kill bacteria and help condition the water for a softer feel. The system is self-regulating and maintains a consistently low free chlorine level between 0.5 to 1.0 ppm.

Also, the Freshwater III® Ozone system is factory-installed on all Limelight models. This system continuously generates ozone and silver ions into the spa water to destroy contaminants and keep your hot tub clean.

FROG® @ease® In-Line System

Durability and Serviceability

Hot Spring manufactures high-quality, durable hot tubs that are built to last—and the Limelight Collection is no exception. Still, regular maintenance is required to keep the spa running over its decade or more of life. Some level of service will likely need to be performed over the years, as well. Always check with your local dealer before attempting to service your hot tub yourself or you could risk voiding the warranty.


Whether you want to relax to the classical music of Bach or do some hot tub exercises to top-40 pop hits, the Limelight Collection has your entertainment needs covered. You can opt to have your new Limelight hot tub delivered with four factory-installed 1.5” speakers. Volume, tracks, and input device are all easily managed from your spa’s Bluetooth®-capable control panel, where you can adjust the volume, choose your tracks, and select your input device. A 22” HD wireless monitor can only add to the experience. The convenience of playing your favorite music, podcasts, and movies from your phone or home device direct to your spa is unmatched.

Factory speakers in the Limelight Flair

Energy Efficiency

Small gains in energy efficiency add up to large savings. Your spa cover, for example, is not only designed to keep out the rain, but also to prevent heat loss. Every vinyl cover in the Limelight Collection features a new and improved hinge seal to keep your spa water warm when not in use. It’s easy to remove and replace with the help of a high-quality cover lifter.

Whether you desire a large hot tub to enjoy with friends and family or a smaller spa in which to soak before and after exercise or work, the newly redesigned Limelight Collection has a hot tub built to fit you. There’s no better feeling than getting all of the advantages of a spa right in your backyard.

Hot Spring Spas prides itself on producing the highest quality hot tubs available in the world. Our newly redesigned Limelight Collection imbues our timeless efficiency with modern style. If you’re interested in learning more, request a price quote.