June 1, 2003—Both music and water have long been revered for their calming and relaxing effects. Consumers can enjoy both these elements at the same time in the comfort of their own backyard. Hot Spring® Spas, makers of the world's number one selling brand of portable spa, recently introduced SpAudio®, a completely integrated music system designed specifically for the spa environment experience.

The spa shell becomes the speaker, so the music is not only heard, but the audio vibrations are actually felt during this extraordinary experience. The sound waves travel through the water creating the perfect relaxation environment. SpAudio uses advanced transducer technology to distribute the sound evenly throughout the entire spa shell, therefore eliminating the need for external speakers to accomplish its unique surround sound effect.

"With the introduction of SpAudio, we're taking the spa relaxation experience to new depths — literally," said Mike Dunn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hot Spring Spas. "The calming effects of music combined with soothing hydromassage provide the world's greatest under and above water symphony in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard."

Product Features Available as an aftermarket option on the 2003 Hot Spring Grandee® and Vanguard® models, SpAudio makes relaxing and entertaining friends and family even ® FM/AM Portable CD player into the external CD housing located on the spa cabinet, and sit back, relax and enjoy. The volume and equalization can easily be controlled from the spa's Auxiliary Control Panel, so there is no need to leave the water.

All hardware components including the transducers, amplifier and wiring are custom-designed specifically for the spa environment. In addition, all components are concealed within the spa shell providing an aesthetically appealing look. The removable panels provide protection and easy access for installation.

The custom-designed amplifier uses extruded aluminum heat sinks, which protect it from the extreme temperatures of a spa environment. During average music conditions, the amplifier consumes only as much power as a 75-watt per channel amplifier, while having the capability of delivering continuous power equivalent to a 300-watt per channel amplifier when needed.

New Lighting Accessory Kit Taking the backyard relaxation experience one step further, Hot Spring has also recently introduced its Luminescence® LED Light Kit. This energy efficient light kit provides an array of colors to set the visual mood for ultimate spa enjoyment. Various brightness, timing and sequence patterns are adjustable in six soothing color choices, including blue, aqua, green, white, amber and red.

About Hot Spring Spas Hot Spring Spas is a subsidiary of MASCO Corporation, a Fortune 500 company whose family of quality products includes Delta® faucets, Baldwin® hardware, Merillat® cabinets and many more. Visit the company Web site at www.HotSpring.com.