Relaxation, Stress Relief, Reconnection as Important as Physical Health

VISTA, Calif., DECEMBER 30, 2014Hot Spring®, the only brand to sell more than one million hot tubs, offers a reminder to consider mental-health resolutions for 2015. While resolutions focused on physical wellbeing are often top of mind, developing new habits that address mental self-care are equally important.

As the industry’s leading maker of personal spas, designed to deliver both physical and mental wellness benefits to owners, the people behind the Hot Spring brand uniquely understand the importance of both facets of health. The company’s line of premium spas provides soothing warm water and massaging jets that can relax the mind and soothe the body, all in the convenience of the home.

For the coming year, Hot Spring suggests the following resolution ideas for consideration:

Actively Seek Stress Relief

Stress and anxiety are part of everyone’s life. Regardless of the cause, stress is undeniably harmful. cites 25 specific ways stress can impact a person. Consider developing a 2015 plan for identifying occasions when stress levels rise and actively counteracting that stress by running, listening to music, soaking in a hot tub, using breathing techniques, or some other means.

Reconnect with Loved Ones

Hectic schedules in a modern world permeated by technology can make it difficult to find time to sit, talk or simply be present with loved ones. This CNN article cites data indicating technology may “make us even more disconnected from each other.” In 2015, consider adopting a schedule that includes specific days and times to reconnect with those you care about most.

Make Time for Meditation

The benefits of regular meditation are many, including relaxation, invigoration and identification of priorities. Studies, including a series of MRIs conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital, indicate that meditation has positive impacts on the brain, including “a decrease in the amount of gray matter in the area associated with stress and anxiety.” Consider setting a goal for regular meditation during the coming year.

“Resolutions to start running go to the gym more or do  a few extra sit ups every day are great, but they only address half of a person’s overall health,” stated Kacy Rivers, Hot Spring brand manager. “In 2015, we’re encouraging people to commit to new year resolutions that will help improve their mental wellbeing. We believe that having a hot tub in the backyard  can certainly help .”

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