May 24, 2011 — Watkins Manufacturing, the leading maker of portable hot tubs worldwide, was recently presented with the 2010 Innovation of the Year Award by Masco Corporation, Watkins’ parent company. Masco’s highest honor, the award is given annually to the business unit that develops the most compelling innovation offering a sustainable competitive advantage. The recognition solidifies the ACE System as a true advancement in technology—one that solves a real customer concern.

Watkins wins award from Masco
Watkins Executives receive the 2010 Masco Innovation of the Year Award.
Left to Right: Chris Peavey, VP, Finance (CFO); Leo Hamacher, VP, Int’l Sales & Marketing; Steve Hammock, President; Joe Lalor, Director, IT; Sandra Shuda, VP, Human Resources; Roger Lamberson, VP, Operations; Mike Dunn, Executive VP
“When you realize that the ACE System was rated alongside innovations by Delta®, KraftMaid®, Behr® and other formidable business units in the Masco family, it’s a very significant achievement,” noted Mike Dunn, Executive Vice President. “The recognition is especially rewarding for our team who worked tirelessly to get such a game-changing advancement to market.”
Along with being recognized with the Innovation of the Year Award, Watkins received a best New Product Award for the 2010 Hot Spot® Spas and a New Process Award for its Web-based Training Initiatives.
“We appreciate Watkins’s efforts to build shareholder value by innovating, successfully delivering new products to the marketplace, and achieving process excellence,” remarked Gary Yezbick, Masco’s VP of Innovation & Sustainability. “We were very excited to present Watkins with these awards at the General Managers Meeting.”
About Watkins Manufacturing Corporation
Watkins Manufacturing was established in 1977, in Vista, California. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of hot tubs, including Hot Spring® Spas, Limelight® Hot Tubs, Hot Spot® Spas and Caldera® Spas. The Watkins Dealer network extends into all 50 states and over 60 countries. Watkins is a division of Masco Corporation, a Fortune 500 company whose products include Delta Faucets, KraftMaid Cabinets, and Behr paint.