Exclusive Water Care Products

When caring for your Hot Spring® spa, be sure to use only Hot Spring water care products - they're designed specifically for compatibility with your spa.

Freshwater Hot Tub Products

With our FreshWater line of high quality water care products, you can easily keep your spa water clean, clear and ready to enjoy. To view the full selection of products, please vist your local dealer.

Spa Care Starter Kit
Freshwater Products

Spa Care Starter Kit 

A complete FreshWater spa care kit in one convenient box! The kit includes concentrated Chlorinating Granules, MPS Oxidizer, pH Up, pH Down, Defoamer, Stain & Scale, 5-Way Test Strips, and a spa water maintenance & troubleshooting guide – everything you need to start enjoying your spa.

5-Way Test Strips

Conveniently monitor the chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity and total hardness levels of your spa water with these easy to use test strips.

Concentrated Chlorinating Granules

This efficient sanitizer is popular because it is completely soluble and nearly pH neutral. It is available in a 14 oz or 1.75 lb. bottle, as well as a 4 lb. bucket.

pH/Alkalinity Up, pH/Alkalinity Down

Up prevents pH bounce and deterioration of spa surface and fittings from low total alkalinity, while Down decreases spa water pH.

Stain & Scale Defense

Prevents calcium build-up on spa surfaces and controls stain and scale formation.

Spa Shine

Reactive silicone protects, waterproofs and seals the spa shell to prevent fading and oxidation.

Filter Cleaner

Keep your standard or Tri-X filters in their best operating condition with the FreshWater filter cleaner, formulated for use with chlorine- or bromine-based water care, or with the EverFresh® water care system.

Instant Filter Cleaner

Extend the life of your filter with this instant, spray on, "no-soak" formula.



Tri-X® Hot Tub FilterTri-X® Filter

The unique Tri-X filter is 3-dimensional to filter by depth and surface, to deliver a more effective filtration area and provide longer time between cleaning cycles. Plus it is dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance.

Hot Spring® Hot Tub FiltersHot Spring® Filters

A Hot Spring spa provides completely balanced filtration, which means the square footage of your filters has been carefully matched to the gallons per minute flow rate of your spa. So when it comes time to replace your filters, remember to use genuine Hot Spring filters for clean, sparkling water day after day.



Hot Spring Spa Vac

Hot Spring Spa Vac

Lightweight and portable, the Spa Vac needs no pumping, batteries or water hookups.

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