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Spa Care

FreshWater® brand spa care products were developed and approved for use with your spa*. Make sure your spa stays at its best and get the most out of your Hot Spring experience.

Startup and Refill

Spa Care Starter Kit

Get your spa up and running the right way. This kit includes concentrated chlorinating granules, MPS (Monopersulfate) oxidizer, pH up/alkalinity up, pH down/alkalinity down, instant filter cleaner, 5-way test strips, and a spa water maintenance & troubleshooting guide.

Clean Screen® Pre-filter

Keep your water its cleanest every time you fill the spa. Attach the Clean Screen to your garden hose to filter out organic contaminants, tannins, and metals, such as copper, manganese and iron so they don’t make it into your spa. This product is recommended for use with the FreshWater® Salt System.

Vanishing ACT® Calcium Remover

Soften hard water without chemical additives. Softer water leaves your skin feel silkier as it helps protect your spa components from the damaging effects of hard water. For areas with extreme hard water (150 ppm up to 300 ppm), use the FreshWater Vanishing Act XL. This is particularly important when using the FreshWater Salt System.

Water Testing

5-way Test Strips

Quickly test and monitor free chlorine, total bromine, pH, alkalinity and total hardness levels of your spa water with these easy to use test strips.

MPS Test Strips

Use these test strips to monitor your spa’s MPS, pH, and alkalinity levels when using the MPS chlorine-free oxidizer.

Salt Test Strips

Tests sodium chloride levels. For use with FreshWater® Salt System.

Phosphate Test Strips

Test phosphate levels of your spa water from 0 to 2500 ppb. This product is recommended for use with the FreshWater Salt System.

Sanitizing and Balancing

Concentrated Chlorinating Granules

This efficient sanitizer is popular because it is completely soluble, shelf stable and nearly pH neutral.

Mineral Spa Sanitizer

The continuous silver ion purifier further reduces the need for chlorine by inhibiting bacterial growth. Silver ions are released into the water automatically so there’s no chance of under- or over-dosing. Simply replace the cartridge every four months. This product is recommended for use with our FreshWater Salt System.

PH/Alkilinity Up & PH/Alkilinity Down

It is important to maintain a pH range of 7.2 to 7.8 in your spa. pH up prevents pH bounce and deterioration of spa surface and fittings from low total alkalinity. A pH reading that is too high can cause cloudy or colored water.

MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer

This fast-acting formula refreshes and brightens spa water. When used with the FreshWater Mineral Spa Sanitizer, the MPS chlorine-free oxidizer helps activate the silver ions so they can do their job quicker and more effectively. Plus, it’s pH neutral, so it won’t alter water chemistry.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Stain & Scale Defense

Prevent calcium build-up on spa surfaces and control mineral stain and scale formation.


Remove foam caused by soaps, oils and other contaminants that naturally enter hot tubs during use.

Cover Shield

Clean, condition and protect your spa cover.

Filter Cleaner**

Keep your standard or Tri-X® filters in their best condition to maximize water flow and keep your spa operating efficiently.

Instant Filter Cleaner**

Extend the life of your filter with this instant, spray on, no-soak formula.

*Please check with your local dealer
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