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  • Hot Spring Hot Tub Buyer's Guide

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Take the first step toward finding your hot tub by browsing Hot Spring® spa collections. Our hot tubs are thoughtfully divided into three distinct collections designed to fit your family size, personal style, and busy schedule. Hot Spot Spas provide a quality hot tub experience at a value price.

Limlight® Collection spas deliver a powerful jet massage, innovative FiberCor® insulation, and the quality craftsmanship of a Hot Spring hot tub. For the ultimate hot tub experience, consider the exceptional performance of our Highlife® Collection that offers exclusive features including the Moto-Massage jet, advanced water care options, and the very best in energy-efficiency. Or, for style above the rest. the Highlife® Collection NXT is designed for contemporary elegance.

With input from Designworks, a BMW Group Company, the stunning new Highlife Collection NXT spas represent the future of spa design.


There are many reasons people buy a hot tub – massage, pain relief, entertainment – but often times, our customers’ experiences are even better than they had imagined. The real benefits of taking a daily dip in your hot tub might surprise you too. Hot Spring spas offer traditional, Hydromassage, and directional water jets in combination with an energy-efficient temperature control system to create the perfect spa environment for relaxation.

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The Difference Is in the Diamonds

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Find Your Hot Tub

Take the first step toward finding the perfect spa by browsing the three hot tub collections from Hot Spring Spas. From the advanced water care and filtration system to our soothing massaging jets and Energy Smart Difference, our hot tubs will rejuvenate your physically and mentally, to make you feel at your very best. No matter which model you choose, you can count on the promise of quality and customer care to deliver the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®.

Your local dealer can help you get the best hot tub prices and options in your area. Because of manufacturing costs, prices can vary by location.

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