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The Hot Spring® Energy Smart® system ensures that your spa will be hot and ready when you are while keeping energy costs low.

Energy Smart System Features

Highlife® Collection Limelight® Collection Hot Spot® Collection
High-Density Foam Insulation
FiberCor® Insulation
Hot Spring Spa Covers
Insulated Base Pan
No-Fault® Heater
Recycled Heat
SilentFlo 5000® Circulation Pump Optional on SX and TX

Energy Cost

All models meet or exceed stringent California Energy Commission (CEC) and APSP 14 energy efficiency standards for portable spas. Actual energy costs depend on spa model, usage, temperature and other factors, but you can use the table below to estimate actual energy cost of a mid-sized Highlife Collection spa in heavy use.
City Temp kWh Rate Cost
Miami, FL 75 ºF / 23 ºC 100 $0.10 $10.00
Las Vegas, NV 70 ºF / 21 ºC 122 $0.08   $9.76
Tulsa, OK 60 ºF / 15 ºC 166 $0.08 $13.28
Seattle, WA 55 ºF / 12 ºC 188 $0.08 $15.04
Chicago, IL 50 ºF / 10 ºC 210 $0.10 $21.00
Calgary, Canada* 40 ºF / 4 ºC 253 $0.11 $27.83
Temp: Approximate annual mean ambient temperature
kWh: Approximate average kilowatt hours per month to operate spa**
Rate: Approximate average rate charged per kilowatt hour in dollars***
Cost: Approximate average monthly energy cost to operate spa**

*In Canadian dollars; based on average rates from the Alberta Utilities Commission, March 2022.

**Based on a medium-sized Highlife Collection spa set at 102 °F used six times per week – 15 minutes with jets on and 15 minutes with jets off during each use. Testing conducted by independent third-party certified laboratory in a controlled environmental chamber at multiple ambient temperatures using continuous data acquisition monitoring of watts, temperature and humidity, with all equipment calibrated to ensure data accuracy. Individual energy consumption will vary depending on set water temperature, actual consumer usage patterns, and actual environmental ambient conditions.

***Based on rates from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, November 2021. Rates subject to change. Check with your local electricity provider for your current rate.

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