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How Often Will I use My Hot Tub?

One of the most common questions people have when first considering a hot tub is “How often will I really use it?” The answer to that question really depends on the hot tub you choose. If you choose well, and are committed to making your wellness a priority, you will find you use your hot tub much more than you originally expected.

You may have known someone who once owned a hot tub that sat, non-operational, and perhaps even falling apart, in the backyard for years. On the other hand, many Hot Spring® spa owners report that they use their spa “every day… sometimes twice a day,” or they are “in it all the time” and “more often than we expected.” This is proof that not all hot tubs are created equal.

A hot tub should be looked at as an investment in a happier, healthier lifestyle, and not just as an entertainment or recreational item. In order to fully realize all the wonderful wellness benefits of hot tubbing, you need to use your hot tub often - make it a part of your daily routine. While life can get crazy at times, committing to spending just 15 minutes in your hot tub every morning or every evening can have a significant, positive impact on your health and outlook. Of course, you can only do this if you own a quality hot tub with features that make it easy to use, and position it somewhere that makes it very likely you will use it often.

Consider Quality Hot Tubs First

With this mindset, you should select a hot tub brand that you can count on for quality and longevity. Hot tubs can range significantly in price. So when thinking about the value of a hot tub, keep in mind that it is much better to purchase a more expensive model that you'll use every day for the next ten years, than a lower-cost spa that you rarely use and stops working after only a couple years. There are a lot of hot tub manufacturers in the U.S., but only a few of them have a truly excellent reputation for quality, and customers who can confirm that their spas have lasted for decades. Talk to other people you know who own hot tubs and read reviews online to ensure you are choosing a brand that you can count on.

Consider Ease of Use

Consider investing in a spa with features that make ownership simple and easy - so that you spend most of your time enjoying your spa, rather than maintaining it. Hot tubs have come a long way in this area - with synthetic wood cabinets that are practically maintenance-free and advanced water care options that simplify water care. The FreshWater® salt water system is one feature that helps ensure you will use your spa often, because it provides better water quality - meaning you won't experience dry, itchy skin, red eyes, or that strong chlorinated smell that means you need to take a shower after exiting the spa. When you can go from the pillow of your hot tub, straight to the pillow of your bed, you are definitely going to use your spa more.

Consider Location, Location, Location

Do you have a spot at the far end of your backyard with an idyllic view you think would be perfect for your hot tub? We are here to tell you to think again. How often you use your spa is directly related to how close your spa is to your backdoor. On a dark morning, or when it's freezing outside, are you really going to trek across the yard to get in the hot tub every day? Position your spa in close proximity to your home - near the backdoor or a door coming out of your bedroom. You will want your hot tub to be just a few steps away. If you are worried about noise, then be sure to choose a model with a dedicated circulation pump that quietly circulates the water 24 hours a day, eliminating the need for loud filtration cycles.

Your Wellness Awaits

We invite you to make your personal wellness a priority. You will find that when you use your spa often, you'll feel better and get more out of each day. When you spend time in a Hot Spring spa, you are better in the water - physically; above the water - mentally; and better beyond the water - in all the things you do every day.