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What is a Cover Lifter, and Do I Need One?

A hot tub cover lifter helps you remove and replace your hot tub cover quickly, easily and efficiently.

The cover lifter is fitted right onto the side of the hot tub. Most cover lifters have a bar situated in the fold of the cover. All you have to do is fold the cover back over the bar. When you fold it back one more time, the cover will lift off the hot tub and stay in place. With some cover lifters, your cover will nest alongside the hot tub, and with others it will rest higher, creating a privacy wall.

Hot tub owners who want to access their hot tub easily and conveniently and those who have physical limitations can benefit from a cover lifter. But really, every spa owner should have one.

A healthy adult can handle removing and replacing the cover, but doing so can be burdensome. The cover can become heavy, especially if it is wet from rain or snow. It is also bulky. Setting it on the ground, even for a moment, can cause dirt to build up and, later, wind up in the hot tub. Careless handling can cause damage to the surface, the foam insulation or the frame. The cover is essential to your hot tub's energy efficiency, so protecting it is important.

Cover lifters typically come in two different forms: manual and automatic. With a manual hot tub cover lifter, you have to fold the cover over the bar and then again until it's lifted off the hot tub.

Automatic hot tub cover lifters serve the same function, but do the lifting for you. All you have to do is press a button. The cover lifter you choose depends on your budget and how much (or how little) physical work you want to do.

The easier it is to remove and replace your hot tub cover, the more likely you are to use your hot tub on a regular basis.

Hot Spring offers four options for hot tub cover lifters. Your choice depends on how much space you have around your hot tub and whether you prefer manual or automatic.