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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Whom do I contact if I have questions about my order?
  • A: Please contact your local dealer for the most up-to-date information regarding the status of your order.
  • Q: What if my dealer can't tell me exactly when my spa will be delivered?
  • A: Your dealer is aware of the estimated lead times, and we will contact them as soon as possible to let them know when your spa is ready to be shipped.
  • Q: If I want to order today, when will I get my spa?
  • A: We provide our network of independent dealers with regular updates about projected delivery dates so they can keep buyers informed. However, each dealer manages their own inventory and keeps track of pending orders. Delivery times vary by dealer; therefore, your dealer is in the best position to provide you with accurate information regarding lead times.
  • Q: If I don't order soon, will the wait be even longer?
  • A: If you are ready to purchase a new spa it's best to act now - the sooner you order, the sooner you can enjoy soaking in your new hot tub.
  • Q: Are some models shipping quicker than others?
  • A: Lead time for individual hot tub models depends on a variety of factors, including local dealer inventory levels, availability of parts, colors and options, dealer location, and shipping logistics. Your local dealer is apprised of the latest product information and will take it into account when helping you choose your spa.
  • Q: My friend ordered a spa and got hers right away. My spa was ordered months ago, and I have still not received it. Shouldn't my order have been completed and shipped first?
  • A: The spa that arrived immediately was most likely a model that the dealer had on hand. Some of our dealers may have inventory available, so you may want to check with them to see what they have in stock. For all other spas, the order date is just one factor in determining when a spa will be delivered. While we are doing our best to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible, actual wait time depends on a variety of factors. These factors include dealer stock and floor models, availability of parts, colors and options, dealer location, and shipping logistics. Your local dealer receives regular updates about any issues that could affect delivery dates.
  • Q: Does my dealer have any floor models ready to purchase?
  • A: Spas and accessories are sold through our network of independent dealers. As the manufacturer of Hot Spring spas, we do not have access to specific information about dealer inventory or floor models. Please contact your local dealer directly with questions about available spas and floor models.
  • Q: Can I buy a hot tub directly from you, online?
  • A: Hot Spring spas are sold only through our network of independent dealers and cannot be purchased directly from us. We want you to enjoy your spa for many years to come. Your dealer is best equipped to deliver the personalized service needed to help you choose the perfect spa and provide professional post-sale service for as long as you own your spa.
  • Q: Do all spa manufacturers have long lead times?
  • A: While we can't quote individual lead times, virtually all manufacturers are facing the same challenges - unprecedented order volume combined with difficulty getting parts and materials due to supply chain issues.
  • Q: What can I do while I wait for my spa to arrive?
  • A: First of all, congratulations on choosing a Hot Spring spa - you made a great choice. When you take your first relaxing soak, you'll know it was worth the wait - and your new hot tub will continue to deliver comfort and wellness for years to come.

Time passes quickly, so why not start getting ready for your new hot tub? Our Hot Tub Pre-Delivery Guide includes the model-specific information you need to decide on the perfect site for your spa, make sure it meets electrical requirements, prepare for delivery, and more.

If your new hot tub will be equipped with the FreshWater® Salt System, you can also take a few minutes to watch our video filled with tips for a successful start-up. Following these steps will ensure the long-term success of your FreshWater Salt System.

If you're new to hot tubbing, the Hot Spring Spas website is a wealth of information. Browse our Learning Center section to find useful tips and tricks, or check out our blog for landscaping inspiration, entertaining ideas, healthy lifestyle tips, and so much more! We also invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest for daily inspiration.