Why Everyone Wants a Hot Spring Spa

Historically high demand for hot tubs means wait times might be a little longer than usual - but a Hot Spring spa delivers wellness and vitality that’s worth the wait.

Top Three Reasons to Own a Highlife® Collection Hot Tub Based on Customer Reviews

When shopping for a hot tub, you want to find something that is as comfortable and relaxing as it is reliable. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to find the right fit. While we may be a little biased, we believe the Highlife Collection is a hands-down winner thanks to its superior comfort and quality, extraordinary value, and its ability to fit every lifestyle.

lifestyle fun with family

5 New Ideas for Family Time

From trying new hobbies to exploring your own neighborhood, if you're looking for fun things to do as a family, we have some great ideas.

Are Saltwater Hot Tubs Better? Hot Spring Customers Say Yes

If you're in the market for a new hot tub, you've probably heard about salt water care systems. You might be wondering if a salt water care system is the right option for your family. Salt water provides the same level of sanitation as chlorine to keep your spa clean, but without the harsh chemicals. Many spa owners prefer salt systems because they're easy to use, gentle on skin and hair, and provide an all-around better hot tub experience.

What does a hot tub do for your body?

If you’ve spent any time shopping for a new hot tub, you’ve probably heard a lot about how good hot tubs are for your health. But apart from being relaxing and soothing, many people still wonder, “What does a hot tub actually do for your body?" The short answer? A lot.

Health benefits of using a hot tub in winter

Can using a hot tub help you beat the winter blues? When hydrotherapy is part of your winter wellness routine, you may start to notice a shift. If anything, just the act of doing something kind and rejuvenating for yourself can work its magic on your mood...