A Highlife Aria salt water hot tub sits on a stone patio with easy access provided by side steps. The hot tub is surrounded by plants.

What to Know About Salt Water Hot Tubs

The ocean is a well-loved place for good reason. The sun, sand, and salt water combine to provide an unforgettable experience for people of all ages. Now, you can bring that salt water to your backyard in the form of a salt water hot tub. The benefits of salt water systems include more natural-feeling water, fewer chemicals used, and simpler water care.

What water care options get you as close as possible to a chemical-free hot tub?

Does a Saltwater System Make a Chemical-Free Hot Tub?

To prevent contamination of water in hot tubs, owners typically add a class of chemicals called halogens that include chlorine, bromine, and iodine. When mixed with water, halogens form weak acids that are very effective at killing bacteria and fighting viruses. They work as oxidizers that burn away organic compounds. However, these acids can also irritate the eyes and skin, which is why many people long for a chemical-free hot tub water care system.

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Saltwater Hot Tubs Vs. Chlorine: Which is Right For Your Family?

When buying a new hot tub, choosing a water care system that eliminates harmful bacteria and that is easy to maintain is vital. Learn how to decide whether a traditional chlorine purification system or a salt water system makes the most sense for your lifestyle.

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The Best Hot Tub Controls to Keep Your Spa Ready and Waiting

Innovations in hot tub technology offer superior jet massage and personalized settings for your spa experience. Manage operational and entertainment options, plus water care, right from your control panel. Hot Spring hot tub controls are intuitive and offer extra features for convenience and safety.