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Total Seats
Lounge Seat
Water Care System
Smart Monitoring System
Water Capacity
Dry Weight
Filled Weight*
*Includes water and an adult weighing 175 lb. for every seat.

Jet Count
Jet Types
Comfort Control®
SmartJet® System
Jet Pump 1
Jet Pump 2
Jet Pump 3

100% No-Bypass Filtration
High-Flow Tri-X® Filters
Dual-Action Filtration
Polyester Filters with Free-Flow Core
Effective Filtration Area
Water Care System
Circulation Pump
Floor Drain

Proprietary Heater
Patented Pump Shroud
Custom-Fit Insulated Cover
Bottom Seal
Energy Standards

Control System
Diagnostic/Ready Light

Cabinet Colors
Shell Colors
Cover Colors
Water Feature
Lighting System - Interior
Lighting System - Exterior
Polymeric Subtructure

Smart Spa Technology
Smart Monitoring System
Cover Lifters
Bluetooth® Music System
CoolZone Cooling System
FreshWater® III Ozone System

No-Leak Shell
Shell Surface
No-Leak Plumbing
No-Fault® Heater
Component Warranty
Interior Light Assembly
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