What Makes One Hot Tub More Expensive Than The Other?

Hot tub prices vary due to many different factors. That’s why most hot tub manufacturers don’t post prices on their websites.

Factors that can affect hot tub pricing:

Hot tub energy efficiency

Although you may pay a little bit more up front for an energy-efficient hot tub, your ongoing energy costs will be much lower, saving you money in the long run. For many owners, the cost to operate an energy efficient hot tub is only $10 to $20 per month. Outdoor hot tubs in colder climates may cost more to run.

Hot tub quality

A top-of-the-line hot tub works better and lasts longer. A higher upfront cost can translate to many more years of hot tub life.

Hot tub design

A cheaper hot tub does not have the beauty, functionality, energy-efficiency and comfort that are built into a high quality hot tub.

Important hot tub design features, like a well-placed armrest or a cabinet shell that minimizes heat loss, add to the value of a hot tub.

Hot tub size.

One price factor you can control is the size of your hot tub. Small hot tubs cost less to manufacture, store in the warehouse and transport than larger hot tubs, so they cost less to buyers as well.

Hot tub features.

You can influence the price of your hot tub with your selection of hot tub accessories and added features. For example, a model with exterior lighting and more jets is likely to cost more than a model without those features. You can choose from a variety of spa-side accessories, like spa steps, an umbrella or removable spa pillows at different price points. Wireless entertainment, advanced water care technology, and an easy-to-use remote control system are other add-ons that can increase the cost.

Factors that affect hot tub maintenance costs:

Spa service packages.

Hot tub dealers are independent and offer a variety of extra service packages, such as in-home consultation, hot tub installation, hot tub maintenance products, or service visits above and beyond the warranty. Adding any of these to your order will increase the overall price.

Hot tub dealer and brand reputation.

If you choose to buy your hot tub from a big-box store or stadium parking lot sale the price may be lower, but the seller will be long gone on the day you have a question or problem. When you buy a reputable brand from a local dealer, you establish a relationship with the right person to support you through and after the purchase.