10 Tips for Using Your Hot Tub
in the Winter

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean it's time to drain and cover your hot tub. Keeping it filled, heated and ready for the next soak can do a lot to make the onslaughts of winter worthwhile. In fact, some would say their hot tub plays a role in looking forward to winter's arrival. First, we’ll dig into our 10 Tips for Using Your Hot Tub in the Winter, and then we'll share some of the benefits of using a hot tub in the winter.

10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Hot Tub In Winter

The good news is keeping a newer hot tub running for winter outdoor use requires a lot less upkeep and energy usage than older models. While a high-quality tub will be designed for energy efficiency and ease of use, there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind. But following these simple tips will help you keep your investment in good working condition for many winters to come.

1. Invest in a Good Cover

While covers can help to keep debris and cold air out, not just any old cover will do. A good hot tub cover is like a tight-fitting lid that locks in the things you want to keep inside the hot tub, namely heat and water. During those cold, dry months, water evaporates quickly, and heat loss can make your heater work overtime. A good cover should be waterproof, with a snug fit that creates a tight seal. It should also feature a thick layer of dense insulation to prevent the escape of heat. For the above reasons, your cover should be made by Hot Spring and fit your Hot Spring spa perfectly, like hand in glove.

2. Monitor the Water Level

Cold, dry outdoor air can make your spa water evaporate more quickly than you may be accustomed to during warmer times of the year. If the water level falls below the skimmer level, it won't be able to circulate and do its job to maintain that even water temperature in each nook and cranny of your hot tub. (Circulation is critical when it comes to preventing frozen pipes.) Set reminders to check the water level after every soaking. It also doesn't hurt to check every few days, as well.

3. Keep the Water Clean

Winter is a time to be extra conscientious about keeping the spa water pristine, simply because winter offers very few opportunities for a drain and refill. Your best defense is requesting that everyone who uses the hot tub has a quick rinse in the shower before entering. Keeping out the lotions, soap residues and other substances clinging to the skin can get you to the next above-freezing day.

4. Change Your Water Early

Speaking of drain-and-refill, if your tub requires a draining, be sure and get this out of the way before the temperatures fall below freezing. Otherwise, trying to get this done on a frigid day will only puts your hot tub at a higher risk of frozen pipes.

5. Turn Down the Jets

Going into full-jet mode does bring relief to tired muscles, but don't overdo it, or you may end up with a chilly tub. Jets pull in outside air, which lowers the water temperature. Also, agitating the water exposes more surface area to the cold air, which results in even more heat loss.

6. Be Smart About Soak Times

When the weather is frightful, it can be tempting to indulge in an extra-long soak. We recommend 20 minutes as the perfect amount of time to sit in a hot tub. Just set your timer and enjoy!

7. Stay Hydrated

When your body gets warm, staying hydrated helps your body stay regulated. Make sure you, as well as your companions, have water within reach, and get those sips in.

8. Have a Plan for a Retreat

Before you eagerly slide into the hot tub, take a moment to prepare. What's your game plan for getting safely indoors when you're soaking from head to toe with subzero winds whipping around? Make sure everyone has towels, bathrobes and slip-on shoes handy.

9. Vacation Without Worry

Before you embark on your big winter getaway, it will give you peace of mind that all's well at your winter retreat. The last thing you want is to worry about your hot tub's water temperature, power outages and other mishaps. You could enlist a neighbor's help. Or, you can get real-time monitoring of your hot tub with a subscription to Connextion from Hot Spring® Spas. If it detects something wrong, it will alert you and your dealer, so you'll be in the know and take proactive action.

10. Enhance your Outdoor Sanctuary

Adding a hot tub to your home makes it easier to enjoy your outdoor space any time of the year. Consider enhancements to increase your comfort and enjoyment. A heat lamp, something to shield the wind, towel warmers, or even a weatherproof rug to cushion bare feet from the frozen ground are all things that can add warmth and comfort.

The Benefits of Soaking in the Hot Tub During the Winter

While a soak in the hot tub is always a stress soother, winter hot tubbing holds many life-enhancing benefits. Here are just three of them.

1. Stay warm outside while it's cold

Can you think of a better cold-weather refuge? Nothing is keeping you from enjoying the beauty of winter landscapes, not even cold temperatures.

2. Winter socializing and celebrations

Having a hot tub adds a bit of dazzle and luxury to any gathering. Even better, hot tubs expand your party space because your deck doesn't have to go dormant for the winter.

3. Cold Weather Hydrotherapy

There's no shortage of stress during the winter months. Some people get the winter blues while for others, the holiday rush and other life's pressures can take their toll on the body and mind. Research shows that hydrotherapy in warm water can reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Or, after a day of skiing and other outdoor adventures, a session in the hot tub can aid in the recovery of sore muscles.

To get the most out of your investment and maximize your enjoyment, follow our ultimate guide to using your backyard hot tub in the winter.

Using a hot tub in the cold weather months can go a long way in making wintertime more memorable and enjoyable.

If you still have questions about what you should know about owning a hot tub, download our Hot Tub Buyer's Guide and visit your local Hot Spring Spas dealer. They can help guide your search and help you get the most out of your hot tub in the winter.

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