a romantic couple enjoys a soak in a highlife vanguard hot tub at night

Have you thought about making positive changes to improve your quality of life? Any season is a great time to reset and a time to start over, to make life better. Whether you want to spend more time with friends and family, de-stress and unwind, get into shape, or enjoy the outdoors, owning the world's most popular personal hot tub can help you accomplish all of that.

A hot tub helps you do more of what you love.

Hot Spring Spas offers a wide range of spa models to accommodate preferences, family size, and budget. Even a luxury hot tub can be very affordable. A hot tub is always an excellent investment in lifestyle and health.

a group of four friends enjoy a hot tub soak in a limelight flair spa on a sunny day

When your friends and family come over for a visit, entertain them with a relaxing soak in your hot tub.

To help you choose the right hot tub for your family and your space, consider the many ways your spa can make your life better and help you do more of what you love:

  • 1. Catch up with friends and family When your friends and family come over for a visit, entertain them with a relaxing soak in your hot tub. Put away the devices for awhile and catch up on each other's daily lives. A hot tub is a great place to unplug and spend some quality time with the people you love.
  • 2. Have a party Whether you're celebrating a birthday, graduation, engagement, holiday weekend or any other occasion, the hot tub is a great place for you and your guests to party. Grab some drinks, pass out the appetizers, turn on some music, and celebrate while you soak.
  • 3. Capture moments for yourself Your hot tub gives you the opportunity to relax and focus on yourself for a while. It's a great place to decompress at the end of the day. Many owners enjoy doing stretches in warm water or hot tub yoga, while others enjoy their first cup of coffee each morning in the hot tub. The hot tub can relieve muscle and joint pain, or energize you for the day. Practicing self-care is one way a spa can make every day better.
  • 4.Read a book What better way to enjoy some down time than to read a book in the hot tub? Equip your tablet with a waterproof case and enter the wonderful world of a great story. If finding time to read is a challenge in your hectic schedule, the hot tub makes it possible and helps you to escape and unwind after a long day.
a limelight flair portable hot tub sits on a backyard patio

Most of our owners install their hot tubs outdoors.

  • 5. Enjoy nature Most of our owners install their hot tubs outdoors. Your outdoor hot tub helps you engage with your natural surroundings, even if you live in a more urban setting. During the day you can soak up some sun. In the evening, you can gaze at the stars. Whether you're enjoying the warm water in a winter climate, admiring the sunrise or sunset, birdwatching or contemplating constellations, relaxing in your hot tub is a better way to do it.
  • 6.Listen to music Music can be a soothing, emotional experience in itself, and listening to music while you soak in your hot tub enhances the relaxation. Invite a few friends over for a listening party, sit in the spa, and appreciate your favorite albums. Unwind after a long day with calming music and let the hot tub jets massage your aching muscles.
  • 7. Be romanticGreat dates don't have to be nights out on the town. Movies are fun, but they don't offer the chance to connect on a personal level. Instead of opting for a busy restaurant, stay at home and enjoy each other's company in your hot tub. Light some candles, turn on relaxing music, and create a backyard evening interlude.

How do you like to enjoy life? Combine your favorite pastimes with your spa experience for a whole new level of enjoyment.

a close-up image of a couples toes peaking out of the water in a portable hot tub

Great dates don't have to be nights out on the town.

Explore the affordable Hot Spot® Collection to discover how a hot tub makes every day better.