an image of the Jetsetter NXT with a platinum interior and blue colored interior lighting

We couldn't pick a favorite spa any more than a parent can choose a favorite child. But our customers do seem determined to make the Jetsetter® a five-star hot tub. Its official 4.9 star-rating means just a handful of reviewers gave it less than the full five stars.

The Jetsetter's popularity lies in its ideal combination of size and features: the 210-gallon three-seater unit is small and powerful, energy efficient and water-conserving. It can be placed in the yard, on the deck, on a screened porch or even inside the home! This spa delivers top-of-the-line wellness and relaxation benefits, all without dominating much room or the family budget.

a couple relaxes in their super energy efficient Jetsetter hot tub

After 40 years of making hot tubs for people around the world, we know taste is a personal thing.

A Hot Tub Designed to Enhance Your Yard and Home

After 40 years of making hot tubs for people around the world, we know taste is a personal thing. That's why we make sure you get to select colors, sizes, features and shape.

Visit the Jetsetter page and check out the 360 degree photography for a tour of the product. Spin the spa to see all angles, and click to mix and match cabinet and shell colors in real time. Just how does a Monterey Gray cabinet look with a Platinum shell? Prefer a lighter look? Swap the Platinum for Alpine White. See all color combinations in just a few minutes. Hot Spring aims to match your décor, landscaping and tastes beautifully.

an overhead image of the Jetsetter NXT with a white interior demonstrating that it is available in 6 different colors

The Jetsetter portable hot tub is available in 6 different interior shell colors and 3 different exterior cabinet colors.

Advanced Hot Tub Features

Small doesn't mean basic. Hot Spring Spas also packs the most sophisticated technology into every model. The Jetsetter's high-end features ensure users feel pampered. 22 jets target neck, back, shoulders and calves. The moving Moto-Massage® DX jets sweep water up and down tired backs, reinvigorating them with both pressure and warm water that draws healing blood flow.

Many Jetsetter owner reviews call attention to the rejuvenating effects of the jets:

This is my second Jetsetter; my first one was 21 years old before I replaced it. The first one was a great unit and the Moto-Massage was one of the best things about it. No need to go get a massage with this jet running up and down your back, and the other jets take care of the rest of your body.

- Jetsetter owner, New Jersey

interior platinum colored shell of the jetsetter nxt hot tub with dramatic blue lighting

Our goal is to develop the most energy efficient spas possible.

Luminescence® Multicolor, Four-Zone, Hot Tub Lighting System

Your Jetsetter's water can flow in blue hues onto the surface of green water (or purple and pink, or whatever combination you prefer). Set your hot tub lights to cycle through the six different colors.

A Ventura, California owner explains, "The lighting and fountain are very relaxing to watch. Our kids love to change the lighting colors to match different seasons or holidays." What a clever way to bring special rituals to the seasons!

Across the country, a New Jersey owner believes "The design and lighting features have enhanced the value of our patio and home."

A Jetsetter enthusiast from Morton, Pennsylvania explains how his hot tub lights and other features add enjoyment:

"This hot tub is the perfect size for our screened porch. The cover is so easy to remove and replace that even my wife can do it. The spa uses very little electric. It is so easy to take care of the water you don't need to be a chemist. The lighting at night is so inviting you want to jump right in. I would recommend the Jetsetter to anyone."

a close-up image of the Jetsetter hot tub wireless remote control that controls lighting water features and hot tub jet function

For added convenience all Highlife models feature our unique wireless remote control with touchscreen technology.

Wireless Remote Control

The full-color screen on the wireless hot tub remote control unit displays intuitive buttons and menus that make adjusting temperature, jets and lighting simple. The remote snaps into the bartop charging dock. Pop it out and take it across the spa to your favorite seat. The secondary bartop dock means you don't have to leave your sanctuary after fine-tuning options. A world of your own making awaits.

"The wireless remote is a must if I want to sit back and relax while changing the lighting or pumps. The Moto-Massage® is unbelievable and really works the back muscles. We upgraded to option and it looks fantastic in our backyard. We always recommend Hot Spring hot tubs to anyone who asks.” - Jetsetter owner, Ventura California"

the Jetsetter with a mocha colored highly energy efficient hot tub spa cover

Your spa cover is a critical part of the Energy Smart® system, and key to achieving the energy efficiency that sets Hot Spring apart.


The Jetsetter doesn't burden you with a high utility bill. We engineered it that way. How?

  • The SmartJet® system gives you the option to direct power only to selected jets, resulting in less horsepower and energy usage.
  • Our high-quality insulation is the same polyurethane foam used to insulate industrial freezers.
  • The SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump continuously moves the water but uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb.

These are just three of the nine energy efficient features Hot Spring has integrated into the Jetsetter to keep energy use at a minimum. Because all nine work together, warmth stays in the water rather than escaping to the air. Explore how hot tub covers lock on to the cabinet, furthering energy efficiency.

All Hot Spring hot tubs models are certified with the rigorous California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California law. Here's the result:

This has been one of the greatest purchases in many years. We did look at other manufacturers' models and none could surpass the quality, features and warranty that the Hot Spring has. I was very concerned about hot tub energy usage. Our dealer told me that if my electric bill went up by more than $20/month he would send me the difference. To my surprise our average electric bill only went up by about $16/month - a testament to the insulation & quality of the Hot Spring Spa.

- Hot Spring owner in Ocean View, New Jersey

hand tounches clear clean spa water from easy low maintenance hot tub water care products

The FreshWater Salt System takes the guesswork out of water care

Hot Tub Water Sanitation Systems

In early manufactured hot tubs, water stayed cleaner than muddy natural hot springs, but at what price? Heavy chlorine and bromine usage stung users' eyes and turned their hair into brittle green straw.

Several decades of clean water research has brought Jetsetter users clean, soft, natural-smelling water that is a joy to soak in.

The FreshWater® Salt System is available on all Highlife spas, including the Jetsetter. With just a little salt in your spa water, the system generates chlorine automatically so you'll spend less time measuring and adding chemicals. This unique system makes spa ownership easier than ever by removing the guesswork and hassle of water care maintenance.

We could go on about hot tub music options, stair and umbrella accessories and more, but perhaps now's the time to chat with your local hot tub dealer. After all, the ultimate goal is to tailor a model to your exact desires. For that, a conversation can be the most helpful.

We very much appreciate when our customers describe how our products improve their lives. Do you have a story? We'd love to hear it.