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When you remove the calcium hardness from your water, your spa water feels silky soft on your skin. You can also enjoy spa water that lasts longer, so you can go a longer amount of time between drain and refills. And by removing the calcium hardness from your spa water, you can help protect important hot tub components, like your jet pumps and heater that can be damaged if scale buildup occurs.

If the calcium hardness level of your spa water is above 75 parts per million, then the Vanishing Act calcium remover is the ideal tool to bring your calcium hardness level down into the okay range.

To use the Vanishing Act, follow these steps:

  1. First, rinse the Vanishing Act calcium remover with running water until the water runs clear. Then place in the hot tub, slight color transfer to the water may occur, and can easily be removed with chlorine.
  2. Place the Vanishing Act calcium remover flat side down over the heater return in the foot well. After 10 to 12 hours, flip the calcium remover over and reposition over the heater return. After a total of 24 hours, take the calcium remover off of the heater return and discard. It's okay to use the spa while the Vanishing Act is in the foot well, just be sure to replace it over the heater return when you're done.

It's important to remember that the calcium hardness level of your spa water can increase over time as a result of topping off. Be sure to measure the calcium hardness level regularly, and use a Vanishing Act to ensure that the calcium hardness level stays within the okay range between 25 and 75 parts per million.

For water with heavy minerals and a calcium hardness above 150 parts per million, we recommend using our on-the-go portable water softener to fill your hot tub and for topping it off.

If you have any question about using the Vanishing Act calcium remover, contact your Hot Spring dealer and they'll be happy to help.

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