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If you're searching for the best hot springs in America, we've done the work for you.

Best Hot Springs in Idaho (and California, and Wyoming, and…)

Our search took us to 11 hot springs in eight states (Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming). For each destination, we provide information about location, lodging, key tips, nearby attractions and other important facts you need to know before you plan your visit. Here are a few examples of the types of details you'll find in the ebook:

  • Dunton Hot Springs is at the heart of a luxury resort
  • Conundrum Hot Springs requires a lengthy hike
  • No alcohol is permitted at Bagby Hot Springs
  • Visitors are known to sometimes soak in the buff at Deep Creek Hot Springs
  • The sulfur in the Fifth Water Hot Springs turns the water a stunning blue
  • The Northern Lights are visible from Chena Hot Springs

The benefits of hot springs

The benefits of hot springs and hot tubs have been known and appreciated for millennia by people all around the world. Soaking in clean, fresh water is a therapeutic and relaxing experience that can relieve a long list of physical and spiritual ailments.

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Enjoy Natural Hot Springs All Year'Round

Many hot spring enthusiasts end their natural hot spring vacation with a strong desire to bring the experience home with them. Hot Spring Spas®> lets you do just that. Our customers enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hot tubs every day without ever leaving home. No need to fight traffic, pack bags or shell out money for fuel, plane tickets or hotel rooms.

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A personal hot tub offers many benefits. With it comes the opportunity for frequent use, and the more you use your hot tub, the more cost effective it becomes. You'll enjoy greater privacy in a hot tub at home than you'll find in any national or state park, no matter how remote. You'll also get a cleaner experience, with no dirt on your feet, smelly minerals or dry, tight skin. The amount of sanitizing chemicals necessary to keep your hot tub water fresh and clean is so low, you don't have to smell or feel them at all. Customers who opt for our revolutionary ACE®> Salt Water System enjoy their soaks in pure, clean water that is extremely gentle on the eyes and leaves their skin feeling silky smooth.

Enjoy our Best Hot Springs in America e-book and let us know about your experience at any of the locations that secured a spot on our list, or at any other natural hot spring that you love.

Contact a dealer near you to discover how easy and affordable it is to enjoy your own Hot Spring, every day, right in your own back yard.