The season for holiday gift giving is upon us and while online shopping makes the process safe and convenient, you're still faced with the challenge of finding the perfect item for everyone on your list. If you've had it with boring, predictable gifts, we're here to help. Start by considering the hobbies and favorite activities of the person you're buying for. If you have a few hot tub enthusiasts on your list, you're in luck!

At Hot Spring® Spas, we're always on the lookout for items to make the hot tub experience a little more special – and with the holidays fast approaching, we've put together some ideas that are sure to please every hot-tubber.

For the person who works hard and plays hard:

Inspire the athlete in your life to add strength training or stretching to their daily hot tub routine with some hand weights, a cushy yoga mat, or a few resistance bands. Consider waterproof equipment so they don’t have to worry about it getting wet.

To help strengthen their mental fitness, gift them a subscription to a meditation or mindfulness app, such as Headspace or Calm, they can listen to during their morning soak. If they’re a book-lover, an Audible subscription would give them the ability to listen to a chapter in their favorite self-help book while in the spa.

Hot tubbers will appreciate a gift that adds style and ambiance to their backyard retreat.

For the life of the party:

When it's time to gather, hanging out in the hot tub will be a whole lot more fun with snacks and beverages served up in style. Delight your favorite host or hostess with some colorful, unbreakable trays, plates, or glasses. Monogrammed cloth napkins add a touch of class and are eco-friendly too! Bundle everything in a beautiful basket with a few bottles of wine and, just for fun, throw in some waterproof playing cards to pass the time inside or outside the spa.

For an extra special splurge, talk to your Hot Spring Spas dealer about adding a 22-inch HD monitor and Bluetooth speakers* to stream sports, movies, or your favorite television show.

For anyone in need of a little peace and tranquility:

Help a busy person get the most out of their backyard retreat with gifts that let them unwind and de-stress. Thoughtful options include flameless candles to create a warm glow, aromatherapy diffusers to turn their hot tub retreat into a spa-like experience, or even wind chimes for soul-soothing sounds.

To provide peace of mind, the Connected Spa Kit (available in the Hot Spring mobile app) allows spa owners to control and monitor their hot tub from virtually anywhere. With the app, users can adjust water temperature, check and adjust the FreshWater Salt System, monitor filter status, and more. Contact your Hot Spring Spas dealer to learn about compatible models and have the kit installed, if applicable.

A music package (mentioned in the section above) would allow your loved one to enjoy their favorite soothing playlist while soaking.

For the new spa owner:

What else could a new hot tub owner want than a quick and easy set-up process? Help your friend or family member get their spa ownership started on the right foot with everything they’ll need to begin soaking sooner.

If they have a salt water system installed on their spa, a FreshWater Salt System Start-Up Kit has everything they need to achieve soft, clean, fresh water in no time. If they opted for a traditional (non-salt) water system, gift them everything they need to maintain their water, including chemicals, cartridges, and test strips. If they have hard water at their home, an On the Go Portable Water Softener is the perfect way to achieve softer water with minimal effort. You can find these items at your local Hot Spring Spas dealer.

For your stylish friend with a flair for design:

Hot Spring spas are made with sleek cabinets and designer-approved color palates to accent outdoor spaces. To make any backyard retreat even more appealing, accessories like a towel rack, umbrella, or handrail are designed especially to make Hot Spring spas even more comfortable, safe, and beautiful.

Plants, pillows, and candles add color and life to outdoor living spaces and come in countless varieties. Choose a festive gift to celebrate the season, or just go with something that fits the recipient's style and decor.

Or splurge on stylish, plush robes or towels in their favorite color or pattern for those chilly post-soak minutes between the spa and shower.

For the one who’s always prepared:

Load up your favorite spa owner with supplies for the year, including replacement filters, a 3-pack of FreshWater Salt cartridges, or a Spa Vac that easily removes pesky gravel, sand or dirt from the bottom of the tub. Your local Hot Spring Spas dealer will have all of these items – and more – available for purchase.

For the young at heart:

For families of all sizes, the hot tub is a place to laugh, share, and connect. Family-pleasing gifts range from whimsical rubber ducks, pool-friendly games and playing cards, or matching monogrammed robes and towels to keep everyone warm and cozy. Check out web sites like Etsy for unique, handcrafted gifts made especially for hot tubbing families!

Something to look forward to:

If these gift ideas have you longing for a hot tub of your own, we can help with that too. Visit your Hot Spring Spas dealer today to find out more about purchasing a new hot tub or ordering accessories as gifts for friends and family.

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