Hydrotherapy, the therapeutic use of water, has been used for centuries to relieve muscle aches, joint and back pain, and promote physical well-being. You can visit mineral springs, spas, or physical therapy centers for treatment, but with a hot tub at home the wellness properties of hydrotherapy are always just steps away. Immerse yourself every day and let the warmth and buoyancy of water combined with massaging jets help you feel your best.

Our customers aren't shy about sharing how they feel about their hot tubs - and how their hot tubs make them feel!

Melt away soreness after a busy day.

If you have a physically demanding job or spend hours driving or sitting at a desk, the end of the day can leave you feeling stiff and sore. Letting warm water massage melt away joint pain and muscle aches is a daily routine that our Hot Spring owners look forward to. Their spas help them to "loosen up" so they feel better, sleep better, and move better.

This hot tub makes you feel so much better! After getting out, you feel like everything has been loosened up (like the Tin Man has been oiled).

- Jetsetter® owner from Georgia

After much research, we went with the Grandee®. What a wonderful spa! The Moto Massage® jets are fantastic, and we love how easy it is to adjust the jets and pressure. With many aches and pains, I feel better and sleep better after some time in the spa.

- Grandee owner from Pennsylvania

The difference is remarkable. The rolling water jets for your back is a game changer, the bottom jets work your calf muscles and thighs. The other stations work your shoulders and middle and lower back. The spa is well worth the extra money.

- Jetsetter owner from Kansas

Your wellness routine deserves our very best water.

Users love the FreshWater® Salt System because it makes spa water fresh, silky, and clear, with no itchy, dry skin or eyes. That's the perfect combination for a healthy soak that will leave you feeling recharged and revitalized. Our spa owners share how the natural feeling water enhances their wellness experience.

It's like bathing in an Epsom salt bath….Love the fact that the water is ionized as well. I had an ionization pool and that was fabulous. This is equally so. Chemicals are very minimal. Water remains stable with very little effort. Recommend to anyone remotely considering this… you will not be disappointed at all.

- Flash® owner from Chatham County

Great for my skin, the fresh / salt system was a great investment for our overall health. Aches and joint pain seem to melt away.

- Sovereign® owner from Crescent City

Nothing better than to climb in and "jet" all my aches and stress away. Freshwater system is great. The water is so silky. Do I have to get out??! I spend a lot more time in our new spa. Love it!

- Vanguard® owner from Minnesota

Increase mobility and reduce pain from arthritis and other conditions.

Warm water immersion can help relieve muscle and back pain and ease arthritis symptoms. If pain and soreness is keeping you from the activities you love, a hot tub might be the answer. Hear what these owners have to say about how their Hot Spring spa has helped them get some much needed relief.

My wife has muscle and spinal pain. We bought our spa to try and relieve her pain. She is in it at least twice a day and sleeps much better at night when she sits in it prior to bed. Best money I ever spent.

- Tempo® owner from Kansas

I was recently diagnosed…trying everything possible traditional and naturopathic medicine. I am getting better, but the spa put everything over the top! The days I have a flare-up and am in so much pain it hard to move, I get into the spa and oh what a relief! If you are thinking of getting one—do it! It's easy to care for and no change in my electric bill. It's now a part of my daily routine.

- TX® owner from California

I purchased the smaller 2-person hot tub just two weeks ago, I love, love it! I now have the opportunity to enjoy the warmth, comfort and privacy of the spas which helps to provide some relief with my arthritis.

- TX owner from Colorado

A relaxing time-out that launches your best.

There are times when you need a little extra help to release the pressures of the day. If you're an accountant during tax season, a retail worker during the holidays, or a busy parent just about every day, a Hot Spring spa can provide stress relief and help you to relax - so you can be your best for whatever life has to offer.

If a hot tub can bring solace to an accountant during tax season it has to be good - and it is. There are unexpected nice touches like the water massager (you have to try this one) lighting, fast heat up, quiet operation and the fun bubble presentation of the filtration system. Plus, the nozzles at each seat are different so there are choices for different comfort treatments.

- Jetsetter owner from Vancouver

Love the waterfall feature, the new single large filter system, the foot massager, the lights, etc. Nothing bad to say at all so far. Love climbing in our hot tub especially in the fall and winter. Nothing relaxes like our spa.

- Relay® Owner from Ohio

After the technicians left, I finished up the work I had going on and then got into the tub. Be still my heart! That was the text I sent my daughters after getting in. My back, neck, shoulders felt so good. Beyond my expectations!

- Flash owner from New Jersey

These are just a few ways Hot Spring spas fulfill their promise of Every Day Made Better®.

Whether you suffer from arthritis, back pain, or just the normal aches and soreness resulting from exercise or sitting at a desk, a Hot Spring spa can help. Plus, warm water immersion is great for de-stressing and improving sleep - and we can all benefit from that! When it comes to enhancing your overall well-being and vitality, your hot tub is always there, warm and waiting.

If you would like to experience the benefits of a hot tub at home, stop into the Hot Spring Spa Dealer nearest you. You can schedule a test soak and experience the wellness properties of hydrotherapy for yourself.