Hot-tubbing in the Highlife® Jetsetter® NXT with an ocean view.

Hot tub owners who suffer from aches and pains due to athletic or occupational injuries may find temporary relief through their spa's soothing, therapeutic jets. Hot tubs may also provide temporary relief of pain associated with arthritis. Pain sufferers with impaired physical ability can especially benefit from home spas because today's hot tubs are designed with safety, as well as comfort, in mind. Concerns over getting in and out of a hot tub safely can prevent some people from even considering a home spa if they are unaware of the many therapeutic benefits of even a 20-minute hot tub soak.

Everwood® steps match the cabinet of the Limelight® Flair®

Hot Tub Safety Innovations

It's easy to understand why some people might worry about getting in and out of a hot tub safely. Some home spas are 3' high, or higher, and can appear challenging to those with a limited range of motion or balance problems and to people recovering from sports injuries. But a high-quality hot tub is meant to provide a blissful, luxurious, and healthful experience, not an intimidating one. To this end, innovative spa accessories have been designed so that a home hot tub can be enjoyed safely.

Hot Tub Steps. Placing durable, high-quality hot tub steps at the entrance to your spa reduces the chance of accidents occurring as you get in and out of your spa. Today's water-resistant, weather-resistant, non-slip steps are sleekly designed, made of various materials and can hold up to 300 pounds. They also come in a variety of styles and complement the colors of your spa's cabinet.

Spastone® steps mimic the look of natural stone
This Limelight Pulse® spa features a mounted handrail

Spa-Side Handrail. To provide more security, attach one or two handrails to the spa. A base plate that slips under the hot tub cabinet keeps each handrail stable as it supports your weight. Quality handrails swing in and out of the spa and lock in place to make it even easier to enter and exit the water. Choose a handrail with a battery-powered LED light and you can safely enjoy your spa at night, too.

This Limelight Pulse® spa features a mounted handrail

Cover Lifters. Cover lifters take the weight of your hot tub's cover off your shoulders! Attached to your hot tub's shell, a cover lifter allows you to remove and replace your heavy spa cover with very little effort. Cover lifters combine pneumatic springs and sliding tracks with balance and leverage to make accessing your spa easy. Quality cover lifters are simple, durable, and fitted to match your specific model of hot tub.

A CoverCradle® cover lifter in operation

Your hot tub should be a source of enjoyment and relaxation, not intimidation. Many options exist to help you experience relief from pain safely in your home spa. Talk to your local dealer for advice on the right options for you.

Hot Spring Spas believes, nothing should stand in the way of anyone wanting to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a home spa. To learn more about our hot tub models, download our brochure. If you'd like to see our spas and safety accessories in person, visit your local dealer. If you're ready to buy, request a quote.