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The American Heart Association says 78 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure and more than 83 million have cardiovascular disease. Warm water immersion and hot tub therapy may help lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular efficiency and reduce stress hormones sending your body into an idyllic state of balance and relaxation.

In order for our bodies to function optimally, they continually strive to reach a physiological state of balance (homeostasis). Warm water immersion allows this balanced state to happen naturally. By stepping into your hot tub, warm water compresses the body causing blood to disperse and increase in volume. When blood volume increases, our heart responds by pumping more blood with each beat. The affect is a 30% increase in cardiac output, similar to the cardiac output seen with light exercise. Simply put, by sitting in your hot tub, you are exercising your heart and increasing your cardiovascular efficiency. With more blood being circulated throughout the body, your arterial arteries relax, lowering your blood pressure.*

*Source: (June 2007) Aquatics International, Healing Waters by Dr. Bruce E. Becker