Kimberly Rotter

by Kimberly Rotter

Highlife Jetsetter Hot Tub Spa

A hot tub is the perfect place to unwind, relieve body aches and spend time with family and friends. Hotspring Spas offers models to seat up to eight adults. Our smallest model, the 2 person hot tub, is an owner favorite year after year. Here’s why.

image of a couple enjoying a two person jetsetter spa

The 2 person hot tub is perfect for empty nesters

Watching young ones grow to adulthood and move away is a bittersweet joy. Though the house may feel empty for a time, the process of rediscovering your own interests and rebuilding your own personal space is exhilarating and exciting. Downsizing parents get to rediscover each other, and new ways to connect. A small hot tub is the perfect place to enjoy the newfound freedom of an empty nest.

image of the limelight 2016 flair hot tub model

A 2 person hot tub is perfect for couples

Making time for each other is one of the best ways to keep a relationship healthy and sound, but doing so can be a challenge for today’s couples. We become engrossed in our work and plans, we study, we travel, we shop, we clean. If you’ve got kids, you manage an entire life for each one in addition to your own. A two person hot tub is a hot tub for couples. It’s a getaway in your own back yard, a place where you can unplug, decompress and connect face-to-face with the people who are most important to you.

A 2 person hot tub is perfect for small spaces

Everyone deserves the luxury of a private hot tub, but we don’t all have the luxury of large homes and yards. A 2 person hot tub has the smallest footprint and can be placed on a small patio or deck, or in a small spa room. The Jetsetter® is a great way to maximize the usability of a small space in a way that encourages you to connect for meaningful conversations at the end of each day.

A two person hot tub is very energy efficient

All Hot Spring® hot tubs are built with unique energy-efficient features to deliver maximum performance at the lowest possible monthly operating cost. Depending on where you live, you can operate a Jetsetter for as little as $10 to $20 per month. Our most advanced small hot tub, the Jetsetter® NXT is insulated with the same high density foam used on commercial freezers and is loaded with other award-winning energy-efficient features.

image of an atheltic man relaxing in a hot spot tempo hot tub

A 2 person hot tub is perfect for athletes

Athletes know how important it is to take care of the body before, during and after exertion. Massaging jets help your muscles relax. Heat disperses the lactic acid buildup and the soreness it produces. A relaxing soak in the hot tub helps to center the mind and thoughts, chasing away stress and the troubles of the day so that you can focus on performing at your very best.

A two-person hot tub is perfect for “me” time

We all need time to ourselves, be it for meditation, personal reflection, pain relief or just to have a few minutes of quiet time. A 2 person hot tub is the perfect place to rejuvenate each morning before you brave the challenges of the day. A few minutes in the evening helps you relax and unwind, and can improve the quality of your sleep.

Discover the features on a small hot tub by Hot Spring®. Explore the Jetsetter® NXT, the Jetsetter®, the Hot Spot® SX or our space-saving hot tub model, the Hot Spot® TX.