*In January 2019, Hot Spring introduced FreshWater® Salt System as it's new salt water chlorine generating sanitation system. The FreshWater® Salt System is easy to use, economical and easy on nature since the water lasts a full year without needing to be replaced.*

We recently bought a new house and wanted to have something our family could do together to relax, have fun, and create memories. We thought about getting a pool in our backyard, but the cost and maintenance -- not to mention all the chemicals -- turned us off to the idea. As we researched the different options, we discovered something that would allow us to have all the fun without the disadvantages. Here's why we chose a salt water hot tub for our family, and why you should, too:

1. A salt water hot tub is easier to maintain

an older woman enjoys the spa - is a salt water hot tub better more affordable than chlorine?

What is a salt water hot tub?" What makes a salt water hot tub better or easier than a chlorine system?

I'm a busy mom. I can barely keep my house clean for a few hours while the kids play. If you have kids, you probably know the feeling. As Comedian Jim Gaffigan says, “It's like you're drowning, and then someone hands you a baby.” If you don't want to deal with anything high-maintenance in your already-busy life, a salt water hot tub is the way to go.

The ACE® Salt Water System from Hot Spring® automatically generates the cleaning agents for your hot tub, so you don't have to add them. The ACE system keeps your spa clean for you, even when you've forgotten about it or are too busy to maintain it. The best part is that your spa is ready whenever you and your family wants to get in it — and so you use it a lot. In fact, because of the refreshing way it makes your skin feel and the lack of chlorine odor after, it makes you much more likely to use your hot tub often.

2. A salt water hot tub saves you time

a couple enjoys an evening soak in a grandee nxt hot tub with a salt water system

Will a salt water hot tub system be easier to maintain?

The automated ACE salt water hot tub system keeps your spa water clean longer so you won't need to drain and refill your spa water as often as you might with other spas. That means you don't have to buy all the additional products other spas require — which means fewer trips to the store, and less time spent draining, cleaning, and refilling your spa. The easier-to-maintain ACE salt water system saves you time, so you can pour more of this precious resource into your family -- not into your hot tub.

3. A salt water hot tub is more natural

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What chemicals do you have to put in a hot tub?

With ACE, you don't have to worry about excess chemicals in the water. This patented system uses diamond electrodes to produce active oxygen. The active oxygen pairs with sodium chloride (salt) to create a small amount of chlorine. The system is designed to ensure that you have safely sanitized water with the smallest amount of added chemicals possible. The result is softer, cleaner, more natural water for you and your family to use.

What else do I need to know about hot tub water care?

What are the benefits of a hot tub salt water system?

  • Odor - No chlorine odor with a salt water system
  • Skin feels softer - similar to a spa experience
  • Less maintenance and less time spent testing and shocking your water
  • No dangerous chemicals to leave around for pets or children
  • Water quality is more stable - controlled more naturally

What is ozone on a hot tub?

People hear this term 'ozone' in relation to hot tubs and wonder what it's about. The ozone works to breakdown radical contaminants in your hot tub water such as soap, body lotion, sun tan oil and others. But a better approach is to always make sure you shower BEFORE you get in your hot tub. Not enough can be said about the importance of showering before hot tub use. Another important point is to either use your hot tub in the buff or have dedicated swim suits that are never laundered with laundry detergents. Laundry detergents, body lotions, cologne, shampoo, sun tan lotion; these are all problems for your hot tub filters and sanitizers. A good shower before you use your hot tub will save you lots of headaches, time and money when managing your hot tub water.

What is a hot tub ozonator and why would I use it?

Basically an ozonator works in conjunction with whatever other hot tub sanitizer you use, whether it's a chlorine-based or bromine-based hot tub system. Ozonators work by splitting oxygen atoms that collide and create ozone. There are benefits and drawbacks to using an ozonator for your hot tub. The biggest negatives are that it can reduce the life of your hot tub cover and it requires additional electricity to run beyond your hot tubs energy usage. Most ozonator manufacturers recommend that you run your ozonator as much as 24 hours a day for best results.

How do hot tub ozonators work?

There are two types of hot tub ozonators: UV Ozonators (ultraviolet) and CD Ozonators (corona discharge). UV ozonators use ultraviolet lamps to split the oxygen atoms that collide with other oxygen atoms to produce ozone. Ultraviolet light waves are broadcast at a higher frequency than natural sunlight or other forms of artificial light and acts to split oxygen atoms apart. Corona discharge ozonators work when air passes through an electrical field that acts to break oxygen molecules apart.

Which type of hot tub ozonator is better?

CD ozonators are a newer product than UV ozonators that have been around for decades. Ozonator manufacturers claim there are benefits to this new type of ozonator which include;

  • Less electricity = lower electric bills
  • Manufacturers claim they last longer than UV units
  • Manufacturers claim they are better made than most UV units
  • Manufacturers claim they are more effective at reducing contaminants
  • Hot tub users report that CD units help them with better water quality
  • CD ozonators tend to produce a greater amount of heat than UV ozonators which could be a downside depending on the location of your ozonator

What is a hot tub blanket?

A hot tub blanket is a thin plastic layer similar to bubble-wrap (heavier quality though) which floats directly on top of your hot tub water, and underneath your hot tub cover, when the hot tub is not in use.

Why do I need a hot tub blanket?

You don't actually need a hot tub blanket as long as you have an energy efficient hot tub cover. But if you are going to use an ozonator for your hot tub then it is best to also purchase a hot tub blanket to protect your hot tub cover. Another benefit of using a hot tub blanket underneath your hot tub cover is that it adds an extra layer of insulation to help hold in the heat. This would be really helpful if you live in extreme climates wth severe cold and could help to control your electricity bill.

While traditional bottled hot tub sanitizers can be harsh on your skin and eyes, the ACE Salt Water Care System is very gentle. You won't have to worry about showering off a chlorine smell after getting out of the salt water hot tub. Nor will you be left with irritated eyes or dry skin. You and your children will feel much better after getting out of the hot tub, and you'll enjoy using it more often.

Bottom line? If you're thinking about investing in a fun, healthy spa for your family, consider a salt water hot tub. Your family's money, time, and health will be all the better for it.