Is a hot tub expo the place to find your next home spa?

Should You Visit a Hot Tub Expo, Fair, or Blow Out? How to Shop Smart

Buying a hot tub can be a big expense for many families—one that takes planning and consideration. So, when a traveling hot tub show comes to town offering steep discounts on backyard spas, it can seem like the perfect time to buy. In fact, it can seem like an opportunity you don’t want to miss. But before jumping into a purchase from a hot tub expo, fair, or blow-out sale, make sure the spa you’re considering is really worth the price tag—even at a discount.

Easy Hot Tub Chlorine Water Care Maintenance

When it comes to the safe enjoyment of your hot tub, pure, clear water is a must, but many first time spa owners have trouble knowing how to balance water in a hot tub. These products will help owners experience worry-free water care.

Using a Hot Spring Limelight® Prism® on a summer day

Can You Use a Hot Tub in Summer?

Discover all of the ways to use your hot tub in the summer, including how CoolZone technology from Hot Spring can cool your spa to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. When you crave a cool dip on a sweltering day, but don’t have ready access to a swimming pool or beach, your hot tub can come through for you.

Buying a hot tub like the LimelightⓇ PrismⓇ will bring joy to your everyday life

Saltwater Hot Tubs Vs. Chlorine: Which is Right For Your Family?

When buying a new hot tub, choosing a water care system that eliminates harmful bacteria and that is easy to maintain is vital. Learn how to decide whether a traditional chlorine purification system or a salt water system makes the most sense for your lifestyle.

I want to have fun shopping for hot tubs near me.

Hot Tubs for Sale Near Me: Narrowing in on the Perfect Shopping Experience

Avoid the disadvantages of online hot tub shopping and get a closer look at the hot tubs for sale near you. Your local dealer can not only help you narrow in on the perfect spa for you, but also offer continuous support and service over the life of the spa. Further your research by taking questions to the showroom.

The best time of year to buy a hot tub, such as the Hot Spring Limelight® Pulse is when the best deals are available.

The Best Time of Year to Buy a Hot Tub

Discover the best time of year to buy a hot tub. Many dealers offer steep discounts on their stock during clearance sales. National campaigns and local dealer blowouts are also good times to go shopping for a home hot tub.