A high-quality hot tub can give you trouble-free service for years

A high-quality hot tub can give you trouble-free service for years. Good hot tubs, like good relationships, are made to last. With a little care, a well-made, high-quality hot tub could be a part of your everyday life for years. You and your hot tub can share quiet early mornings, exuberant get-togethers with your friends and family, and late nights out under the stars. That said, neither hot tubs nor relationships can endure without attention and maintenance. While we can't tell you the exact cost of repairing your hot tub, we can equip you with information to help you know what to expect when your hot tub is in need of servicing.


The cost to repair a hot tub varies widely and depends on multiple factors, including the size and extent of the repair, whether you purchased your hot tub from a reputable dealership, your location, your spa manufacturer, and your warranty coverage. Examining those factors can give you a better sense of how much prospective repairs could cost:

The Size and Extent of the Repair.

If you're handy with tools, the smallest and simplest repairs could cost you a few dollars for materials and a little bit of time to fix the problem yourself—though be sure to always check your warranty before attempting any repairs. While it may seem like fixing a small problem yourself is a smart way to save money, doing so may void your warranty, which could increase the cost of future repairs. Large repairs can cost thousands of dollars and will require the services of trained professionals. The biggest question to ask when calculating the cost of a repair is this: What needs fixing? If it's a relatively simple problem, like a tripped GFCI breaker or a small scratch in the shell or cabinet, the necessary supplies and replacement parts will be inexpensive and easy to purchase. If the problem is with a more complex part—if, for instance, a bad gasket has caused cavitation in your circulation pump, or if your heating element has short-circuited from exposure to water—getting your hot tub running properly again will cost more money.When considering the size of repairs, keep in mind that problems will grow over time if not addressed immediately. What starts out as a superficial scratch may grow to a crack, which can then turn into a leak. Through negligence, a problem that might have cost a small amount to fix early on can swell into a major expense. Keep repair costs low by staying on top of maintenance and looking out for potential problems. Simply cleaning the filters regularly and maintaining the quality of your spa water can go a long way toward keeping your hot tub in good working order for years.

Your Dealership.

For most large or complex repairs, as well as for many smaller ones, hot tub owners turn to their trusted local dealership for convenient service and professional expertise. The ongoing help you'll receive from your hot tub dealer long after the initial purchase is one of the best arguments for buying a hot tub from a rooted, reputable local business instead of from a roadshow or blowout expo.Having a good relationship with your dealer is a great asset when it comes time for necessary repairs, as your dealer is already familiar with your hot tub series and model. If you hire a technician to repair your hot tub who wasn't recommended by your dealership, you run the risk of having the repairs conducted by someone not specifically trained or experienced in servicing hot tubs, which may result in delays or unexpected additional costs. Your dealer knows all about the chemicals used in your water care system; they also know when it's time to replace your cover or filters. All this information allows them to give your hot tub the best possible care when repairs are needed. Bear in mind that repair costs can vary based on the size of your dealership, their relationships with manufacturers, and the costs of doing business in your geographic area.

Your Location.

Just as the cost of living varies from city to city and state to state, so does the cost of owning and maintaining a hot tub. In areas where high taxes and high property values drive up the costs of owning a dealership or repair shop, your hot tub will be more expensive to fix. In remote areas where your dealership is located a significant distance from your home, you may end up paying a surcharge for the costs of transportation and/or delivery.Another aspect of location to consider is where your hot tub is installed on your property. To keep repair costs low, your hot tub should be placed in an accessible area. If technicians need to remove a section of your fence or deck to reach your spa's control panel to swap out a pump, you'll end up paying not only for the pump, but for repairs to your fence or deck as well.

Your Spa Manufacturer.

Well-built, premium-quality hot tubs from top manufacturers are designed to last a long time and require minimal maintenance and repairs. The low sticker prices of cheaply-built hot tubs, hastily assembled from inflatable or lightweight materials, may be appealing, but these spas are far more likely to break down and require frequent repairs, which will increase your overall cost of ownership. As hot tub models from short-lived or low-quality manufacturers age, replacement parts may be scarce or unavailable, which will lead to higher repair costs as dealers are forced to rely upon aftermarket supplies.In contrast, high-quality spa manufacturers support their dealers with consistent replacement parts. They engineer their spas with features such as removable service panels to allow them to be easily serviced in your own backyard, eliminating the need for disassembly and transport of parts to a repair shop. Hot Spring® spas feature state-of-the-art control panels with a service mode that can notify on-site technicians about the status of a hot tub's systems. On models in the Highlife®, NXT®, and Limelight® Collections from Hot Spring, a logo light on the front of the spa cabinet doors will change colors and flash at different intervals to notify spa owners and technicians about potential issues with water quality and electrical components. Additionally, owners of Hot Spring spas have the option of adding the Connextion™ remote monitoring system, a subscription service that automatically provides owners and dealers with detailed information about problems and service issues. This information may be viewed on almost any device with access to the internet.

Warranty Coverage.

One of the major factors affecting the cost of repairing your hot tub is the level of your warranty coverage. If you purchase your spa from a reputable manufacturer, the different components will each come with warranty coverage for varying lengths of time. For example, hot tubs from the Hot Spring Highlife Collection come with multiple warranties for spas purchased from an authorized dealership; these warranties include a Shell Surface Warranty that lasts for seven years, a No Leak Plumbing Warranty that lasts for five years, and a Component Warranty that lasts for five years, among many others.Typically, these warranties cover manufacturer's defects for a certain number of years, while wear and tear and accidental damage are uncovered. To make up for this gap, some hot tub dealers offer service plans, also known as “valet service,” which can cover routine maintenance and repair costs. To find the details of your warranty or service plan, check with your spa's manufacturer or your local dealer.

Hot Spring spas come with robust warranties to ensure buyer satisfaction.

While a wide variety of factors influence repair costs, it all boils down to a few simple tenets: Choosing a high-quality spa reduces the need for repairs, purchasing from a reputable local dealer helps ensure that ongoing maintenance and repair costs are minimized, and adhering to the terms of your warranty guarantees that any covered issues with your spa will be corrected. If you follow these guidelines, you and your hot tub can be together for years to come.

Hot Spring Spas is proud to be doing our part to usher in the golden age of hot tubs. Since we began, we've designed our spas with the utmost attention to detail and elegance. We've engineered them for comfort, to last for decades, and to hold their heat. To learn more, check out our website to find a dealer in your area, download a brochure, or request a quote.