We live in an age of ubiquitous high-level technology. Case in point: You're either reading this on your computer or on your smartphone, each in themselves a marvel of delicate electronics and precision engineering. We've come to depend on our technology—rely on our technology, expect a high degree of perfection from our technology—in everything from our cars to our thermostats to our coffee makers.

In fact, technology is a great signifier of quality. Consider the difference between a smartphone and a flip phone, for instance. Or the difference between high-tech, foam-insulated, polymer-woven running shoes versus cheaply produced, low-quality sneakers. It's the same with hot tubs: A top-of-the-line, high-tech luxury spa is worlds away from a low-end, plug-and-play or inflatable hot tub. Here's how:

The two areas of hot tub design in which technology makes the biggest difference are features and engineering. Features enhance the spa experience by making everything more convenient for the spa user. They're also what you're likely to notice right away when you go for a soak in a spa—the lights, the sounds, the waterfalls, the number and size of the jets. These are the things that excite spa shoppers on the showroom floor, but it's important not to get so carried away by the features that you neglect to ask questions about the elements that truly matter: the engineered elements that provide quality, durability, and efficiency. The engineering might be less noticeable than the features, but it's more profound. If the features in a car are the heated seats and the entertainment system, the engineering is the motor, the brakes, and the handling.


The features built into high-end hot tubs are certainly impressive. However, just as you wouldn't want frosting without a cake, you wouldn't want high-tech external features on a spa that doesn't also come equipped with high-tech engineering. The quality of your hot tub's engineering is what determines how well it will function—and, ultimately, how much you'll enjoy it. Here are some of the key aspects of high-end hot tub technology:

  • Multilayer Insulation. What's a spa without hot water? It's an expensive puddle. High-tech multilayer insulation keeps the heat in your hot tub, even on the coldest days. This helps keep your electric bill low by reducing the work your spa needs to do to maintain a constant high temperature. The sprayed foam insulation also acts as structural support, which increases your spa's durability. Finally, carefully-built base pans protect sensitive interior components while preventing heat from seeping into the ground.
  • Durable Materials. Top-of-the-line hot tubs are built with modern acrylics. These high-tech plastics not only provide an extra layer of insulation, they also last for years, ensuring that your hot tub will be a part of your life for a long, long time. Interior plastics are resistant to scrapes and scratches, while strong exterior siding stands up to the sun, snow, rain, and wind.
  • Powerful Motors. The best hot tubs feature the strongest and most efficient motors to power the jets and the circulation systems. These motors are designed to deliver the ideal massage; they're also responsible for moving water through the heating unit and filtration systems. Their power and efficiency keep your spa's water warmer and cleaner than the pumps found in low-quality hot tubs.
  • Ergonomic Design. It isn't easy to design the perfect space for a human being to remain comfortably seated while submerged in water. Years of careful research, testing, and revisions have gone into the development of the ideal seating configurations found in premium hot tubs. These ergonomic seats are designed to keep their occupants comfortably in place while enjoying their spa's powerful massage options.
  • Water Care Options. The filtration and water care systems in high-tech hot tubs are highly effective at keeping water clean and free of contamination. State-of-the-art water care systems are simple to maintain and require fewer chemicals than traditional systems, improving the spa experience.
High-tech hot tubs are engineered with comfortable ergonomic seating.


High-tech hot tubs have all the razzle-dazzle you're looking for. They look great, they sound great, and they're easy to use. These are the qualities that help make your spa the showpiece of your backyard. Here's a quick rundown of some notable high-tech features:

  • Entertainment Options. High-tech hot tubs feature powerful speakers with crystal-clear sound. They're designed to give you ideal sound quality whether you're pumping in jams from Spotify on your phone, listening to a new episode of your favorite podcast, or streaming the game as you settle into your soak.
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity. Cables and cords belong in the same museum as your Walkman. High-end hot tubs can connect wirelessly to your phone, laptop, or home assistant via Bluetooth, letting you listen to what you want without worrying about getting your electronics wet. Since many of these devices are now voice-activated, you can change the song or lower the volume with a word. Your wish is your spa's command.
  • Remote Monitoring. Hot Spring Spas® offers Connextion™, a mobile app that allows hot tub owners—and their local dealers—to remotely monitor their spa. With this subscription service, you and your dealer can adjust your spa's temperature, monitor the filters and the water care system, and be alerted to any potential service issues, even while you're nowhere near your home.
  • Versatile Temperature Control. Another high-tech feature exclusive to Hot Spring is the CoolZone™ System, which gives you the option of lowering your spa temperature to as low as 60 degrees, then raising it back up again in a matter of a few hours. For hot tub owners in warm climates, this feature can greatly expand the amount of use their spa receives, particularly during the hot summer months.
  • Wireless Remote Controls. In high-end hot tubs, comfort and ease are king. Their well-designed and responsive wireless touchscreen control panels are designed to be as simple to use as possible. You can adjust the temperature, begin a massage, or turn on the lights without leaving your seat.
  • Multicolored Lighting. Even the lightbulbs in premium hot tubs are high-tech. Top-quality hot tubs feature LED lights, which are preferred for their low energy usage and extreme longevity. In addition to making the lights brighter or dimmer, you can rotate through a variety of dazzling colors, or set them to a single soothing hue to match your mood.
Premium hot tubs feature LED light displays in brilliant colors.

A high-tech hot tub is a thing of beauty, engineered and built with all the precision, care, and love of a luxury automobile or a premium watch. The technology involved in their production makes itself known in both their visually-pleasing external features and the unseen perfection of their engineering. When you decide on a high-end hot tub, you can expect the absolute best modern technology has to offer.

Hot tubs are our passion. It's important for us to build them to the highest level of excellence possible because that's what we believe our customers deserve. That's why we make certain to incorporate cutting-edge technological features and engineer them with top-quality materials and hardware. To learn more, download our brochure.