When shopping for a hot tub, you want to find something that is as relaxing as it is reliable. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to find the right fit. While we may be a little biased, we believe the Highlife® Collection is a hands-down winner thanks to its superior quality, extraordinary value, and its ability to fit every lifestyle.

But you don't have to take our word for it.

Check out the reviews below to see why hot tubbers across the country are in love with their Highlife® Collection spas.

1. quality

The Highlife® Collection was engineered to provide an outstanding soaking experience through cutting-edge design and high-quality materials. Thoughtful seat designs offer superior comfort for people of all heights and sizes, while the versatile jet systems provide soothing relief for tired muscles. Innovative features like optional built-in entertainment systems and intuitive controls make soaking in a Highlife® Collection hot tub a fun and relaxing experience.

Highlife® Collection spas are also built to last, using high-quality materials and expert construction. We've heard from many owners who have enjoyed their hot tub for upwards of 20 years! But that's not all they're saying. Here are some hot tub reviews from real Hot Spring spa customers about the impact their spas have had on their quality of life:

Quality and comfort are unsurpassed. We installed a salt system and love the ease of care in addition to how wonderful the water feels. Even in the Pennsylvania winter, we are enjoying our new spa immensely!

Vanguard® hot tub owner, Penna Furnace, PA

We've had three hot tubs before, but this one is by far the best! We love the ease of care, the look, and the quality.

Jetsetter® LX hot tub owner, Conway, SC

2. Easy water care

The Highlife® Collection of hot tubs provides exceptional value by saving you both time and money. Water care is simple and easy whether you're using the FreshWater® Salt System or the traditional chlorine-based sanitation system. When it comes to energy efficiency, the Highlife® Collection is hard to beat. Every model features full-foam insulation and Energy Smart® systems to increase efficiency and keep your energy bill as small as possible. Here's what some customers had to say about the value they've received from their Highlife® Collection hot tubs:

We love our new hot tub! With the salt water tub, you don't come out smelling like chemicals and it actually feels good on your skin!

Aria® hot tub owner, Danville, PA

Water startup was simple and it's been a really good tub so far. Water quality and comfort of the jets has been the best part. We have been loving it!

Grandee® hot tub owner, Inver Grove Heights, MN

3.Made to fit your lifestyle

One of the things Highlife® Collection hot tub owners love most is that there's a spa size to fit every need. From intimate three-seaters to the more family-friendly seven-person models, the Highlife® Collection hot tub range offers something for everyone. Here's what customers had to say about the various size options available in the Highlife® Collection:

7-person hot tubs: Grandee

After much research, we went with the Grandee. What a wonderful spa! The jets are fantastic, and we love how easy it is to adjust the jets and pressure. With many aches and pains, I feel better and sleep better after some time in the spa.

Grandee® hot tub owner, Pennsylvania

6-person hot tubs: Vanguard®, Sovereign®

We could not be happier with this spa. We purchased the Vanguard and love it. The jets are perfect. We were concerned about the noise of the system running, because of it sitting outside our master bedroom doors. You can't hear a thing. We sit in every morning and most evenings before bed. Very relaxing and great investment. We are very pleased.

— Vanguard® hot tub owner, Kalispell, MT

5-person hot tubs: Envoy®, Aria®, Prodigy®

The Envoy is very versatile, so it's easy to change jet pressure where needed. The lights and water feature add some fun to it that is especially popular with our grandkids, so it really has something for everyone.

Envoy® hot tub owner, Missoula, MT

4-person hot tubs: Triumph

The jets on the tub are really nice, and the size is perfect. If you're looking for a small tub, but not super small, this is the perfect fit. I have easily had four friends in the tub and could fit one or two more. Everyone raves about the tub when they're in it.

Triumph® hot tub owner, Chicago, IL

3-person hot tubs: Jetsetter® LX, Jetsetter®

This spa is a big upgrade from our previous one. It is well built and very easy to maintain. The wireless remote is also a great feature to check the spa status. All of the components appear to be built to last in the outside environment. I highly recommend Hot Spring for your next spa purchase.

Jetsetter® LX hot tub owner, Orange, MA

To learn more about the Highlife® Collection of hot tubs, click here or download a brochure. Then contact your local dealer to schedule a test soak and experience the transformative power of hydrotherapy for yourself.