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Customers love the Grandee®. They are our biggest, most technologically advanced hot tubs, and we're pretty proud of them. Here's why.

The Grandee features 100% no-bypass filtration for cleaner water, a feature unique to Hot Spring® spas, and important to owners who want the absolute best wellness accessory. In the Grandee, all of the water is filtered all of the time, including when people are enjoying the hot tub.

The Grandee features advanced engineering and design in every aspect. Here are a few of its many advantages:

  • Sculpted seating for seven
  • State-of-the-art jets, including two seats with patented Moto-Massage® jets
  • Zone lighting
  • Soothing fountain
  • Wireless remote control
  • Customizable cabinet engineered to withstand decades of exposure to the elements
  • Totally insulated with multiple layers of foam
  • Low energy circulation pump
  • No-Fault® heater maximizes heat transfer
  • SmartJet® system lets you direct power to only those jets in use
  • Optional entertainment system

Hot tub reviews

When we averaged recent Grandee® review scores (the latest model), we were pleased with the results. Average customer ratings for comfort, quality, ease of water care, energy efficiency and value are all between 4+ and 5 stars.

family enjoys the best hot tub jet massage experience in a grandee spa

The Grandee is consistently rated with 5 stars.

You can read the Grandee hot tub reviews.

The original Grandee, our flagship 7-person hot tub, has been reviewed nearly seven times more, and also boasts nearly five-star average ratings.

As our top-of-the-line hot tub, we understand the Grandee's impressive average rating for overall value. With seating for seven and 43 jets, it offers the most luxurious family hot tub experience possible. This hot tub was designed and built for hot tub owners who want the best of the best.

couple enjoys the most powerful spa hot tub jetted massage experience

The Grandee helps you build relationships.

How the Grandee helps you build relationships with friends

Socialization and connection are two primary benefits of hot tubs. Spas create desirable backyard retreats that over time are far more cost effective than yearly vacations. The Grandee has room for everyone. More, its size and amazing features inspire friends and family to leave the couch and engage with one another in the hot tub.

A two-time Grandee owner in Morgantown, WV recently moved. While he was willing to give up the house he owned, he was reluctant to give up the community he built around his hot tub. He explains,

I previously owned a Grandee and enjoyed it immensely. Friends and family looked forward to massage and hot tub every Friday night. My lifestyle changed from home owner to renter when I moved into consulting, and we sold our home and the hot tub. We are looking forward to establishing the same social circle of friends in this new location to share our enjoyment of our new hot tub and begin every weekend with a stress-free and relaxed evening. Thank you for making such a fine quality product!

We know that social connections boost happiness, health and even long-life. There is no limit to the pride we feel when we hear about ways we have helped people make those connections.

family enjoys relaxation techniques in a hot tub similar to a sauna

Enjoy the best quality family time in a Highlife Grandee hot tub.

How the Grandee brings you closer to family

Our owners tell us that the Grandee is the perfect hot tub for families. An Orange County, NY Grandee owner said,

We purchased the Grandee because of my family of four. My two children are eleven and sixteen and they always have their friends over, so the large Grandee tub was the perfect fit for my household. We are enjoying it so much. It has made my family closer than ever. Thank you, Hot Spring Spas. I should have made this purchase 10 years ago.

Time in the Grandee is a gift to yourself and those you love. It can help you keep grown kids and grandkids close. One retired couple in Ventura, CA told us:

After my wife and I retired we also became grandparents and decided to buy ourselves a gift. We wanted a hot tub. After looking at several brands and wet testing them, we decided to go with a Hot Spring hot tub and the model we choose was the Grandee. It seemed the right size and what a coincidence… that is what our grandchild calls my wife ("Grandy")! The size is perfect. Lots of room. The features are great...We always recommend Hot Spring hot tubs to anyone who asks.

couple enjoys powerful hot tub hydro massage therapy while their dog watches from outside the spa

The size is perfect. Lots of room.

Hearing that "Grandy" has an easy, fun place to entertain the little ones makes all the hard work we put in to each spa worthwhile!

How the Grandee makes hot tubbing easy and fun

It's not only its size that makes the Grandee perfect entertainment for families and friends.


The 43 hot tub jets configured according to your needs and desires vary from seat to seat. Hot tub soakers hoping for a powerful back massage can sit by one of two Moto-Massage® DX jets, which sweep water up and down the back. Those needing relief from stiff and sore back and other muscles might cozy up to the Jetstream® hydromassage jets. Take a closer look at the five other types of hot tub massage jets in the Grandee spa to find out what they can do for you.

underwater image of the most powerful massage jets in the hot tub industry

Moto-Massage® jets sweep water up and down the back.

Hot tub health benefits are well documented. Regular hot tub use can do so much to help you…

  • Connect with loved ones - hot tubs encourage face-to-face interaction and quiet time
  • Break away for “me” time - the spa is a great place for quiet solitude
  • Spend time outside in nature - most portable spas are installed outdoors, giving you the added benefits of fresh air and the opportunity to appreciate your natural surroundings
  • Relieve pain - buoyancy in the water takes pressure off joints
  • Recover from athletic exertion - heat and massage relax muscles
  • Sleep better - warm water immersion triggers the hormones that relax us
  • Meditate - use the hot tub to clear your mind and focus on the moment
women relaxes enjoying positive cognitive behavioral therapy and hot tub relaxation techniques

Use the hot tub to clear your mind and focus on the moment.

Today we all need a place to unplug and get centered. Here's what a Grandee owner says about how his hot tub has improved his life:

What a game changer! Walked into a Hot Spring store on a Monday morning after putting my home up for sale. Within one hour I had decided to buy a Grandee and take my home off the market! Now, just having received my spa I feel like a new person. A back yard and patio that was rarely used for the last six years has become the focus of our home. Every morning after an hour soak in the tub I feel refreshed and invigorated. This Grandee has to be one of the best purchases I've ever made in my life!

Wilmington, NC


Nothing is difficult to maneuver on the Grandee. This review illustrates how the spa improves this owner's life without taxing her:

The Grandee spa won us over immediately. It is so easy to maintain and operate. I love that we have the easy-open feature that lets me lift the cover with one hand, so I don't have to "undo" the relaxation by straining to pull the cover back on after a soak. The light features are meditative and always wow our guests. We are so very happy with this purchase.

Raleigh, NC

Grandee owners can choose the low maintenance FreshWater® Salt Water System. The FreshWater® reduces hot tub water changes to as little as once a year, which means less effort to maintain and lower energy and water costs.

All Highlife models come with a wireless remote control with full-color, touchscreen technology. The intuitive menus add to the ease of use. Our optional Connextion™ Online Remote Hot Tub Monitoring System provides global push-button control and real-time monitoring of key Hot Spring spa functions. It also sends alerts to the local spa dealer, so that he or she can contact owners to discuss service needs. Connextion is especially popular for owners of vacation home hot tubs.

The Grandee helps make Hot Spring the world's leading hot tub brand

Since its inception, Hot Spring has worked hard to provide the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®. Our dedication to quality is unmatched.

Confidence in every model prompts us to back every one with solid warranty protection, as well as the finest after-sale customer care.

the best hot water hot tub with jets massage and relaxation techniques

Our customers speak for us.

Engineering and design

Our customers speak for us. A fastidious engineer says this about the Grandee's construction:

What amazes me is the quality. When the delivery guys had it on its side on the cart, I noticed that the entire inside of the spa is hard, sprayed in insulation and wrapped with ½" plywood (very solid). The controls are state of the art, very easy to use. Bigger is better when you have 5 in your family. Tons of compliments. We love it. I can't say enough about the quality. Being an engineer that's paramount in my decision making...Water makes your skin so soft. No chlorine smell. Hope this helps anyone on the fence about a spa.

Gloucester County, NJ


So many Grandee owners tell us that they still enjoy their spas 15, 20 or more years after purchase.

a hot tub at dusk in a snowy christmase scene with colored lighting

This Texas owner considers his Grandee a 5 star hot tub.

This Texas owner considers his Grandee a five star hot tub in every way: quality, comfort, ease of water care, value and energy efficiency.

I have owned my Grandee spa for 18 years now! I have loved the jets and the size. Great for a stress reliever after a tough day. It is amazing with a few repairs that it is still going strong! Thank you Hot Spring Spas!!!

a grandee hot tub with a spa side umbrella on an owners patio

We're so grateful for our loyal customers who take the time to share their unique experiences with the Grandee.

A happy owner in Goodyear, AZ was also impressed with the Grandee's quality:

What an excellent product! We bought our Grandee a year ago and have not been disappointed. This wasn't the only unit we looked at, but it was the best. Worth every penny. CoolZone makes this spa useable during the summer. Quiet and maintenance free.

We're so grateful for our loyal customers who take the time to share their unique experiences with the Grandee. Ready to pick out your spa? Now's a great time to chat with your local hot tub dealer.