hot spring spa in a country setting with couple

If you own a spa, or know how to maintain a hot tub, a self-cleaning spa probably sounds amazing. You mean I don’t have to measure and pour spa chemicals? The hot tub just cleans and takes care of itself? Sign me up! Not so fast. While a self-cleaning hot tub sounds great, the reality isn’t so clear-cut.

It is true that some hot tubs are promoted as self-cleaning. Manufacturers claim these spa models save owners time and money when it comes to spa maintenance. But that is a myth. The concept of a self-cleaning hot tub is just a sales gimmick. Don’t be fooled. The truth is, all hot tubs are equipped with a filtration system and other features designed to keep the water clean.

Spa manufacturers or spa retail stores that advertise self-cleaning spas are really just referring to the filtration systems. In reality, most hot tubs are self-cleaning. The difference? So-called self-cleaning hot tubs may have a faster turnover rate. That’s a measure of how often the water is filtered, and in many cases, a faster turnover rate is the only advantage.

Like all hot tubs, spas advertised as self-cleaning need regular maintenance. You still need to add hot tub chemicals like chlorine, bromine, and PH balancers to the water and clean the spa filters periodically. Owners must put in some time and effort to care for their spa system. The idea of a self-cleaning hot tub is a myth. The bottom line? If you purchase a hot tub, you need to put in regular time to maintain it.

Don’t be tricked by the concept of a self-cleaning portable hot tub. Search for hot tubs with a high turnover rate and a dedicated circulation pump. While these hot tubs are not truly self-cleaning, they have great cleaning technology that will reduce spa maintenance requirements during the life of your hot tub!

Talk with an authorized Hot Spring spa dealer about the benefits of different models and systems. They’ll help you find the hot tub that best fits your needs.