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A hot tub is a big investment that requires careful thought and planning. Once you decide to take the plunge, many factors go into deciding which spa will be “the one.” Where will you enjoy the spa? What do you want to spend? Is the hot tub for solo relaxation or family connection? So many important considerations go into your purchase process! But there's no need to stress. Hot Spring® has boiled it down to five can't-fail tips for buying your first (or even second or third) hot tub:

1. What is the Perfect Hot Tub Location?

There's a lot to think about when choosing a home spa location. Many yards accommodate portable hot tubs nicely, and some homes seem pre-designed for indoor spas. You may already have the ideal spot in mind. To determine the “where,” carefully consider “when” and “why” you want to use your hot tub.

  • Will you be using hot tub during the winter? Will you have to trudge through snow and cold weather to get to and from the hot tub? Place your hot tub close to doors that lead in and out of your home.
  • Are you purchasing a hot tub for rest and relaxation? A quiet area of your yard, away from distractions, loud noises or passing cars, is likely the best place to install your hot tub.
  • How do I know what hot tub size to buy? Make sure the spa location you choose is the right size to fit the hot tub you purchase! It's easy to find your spa with Hot Spring®.
  • Where can I find hot tub design planning tools? Need inspiration? Here are some great hot tub deck design tools.
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Visualize the spa in your space

2. Why will a Hot Tub Benefit You?

Consider the lifestyle reasons and benefits of owning a hot tub. This can impact the type of spa you buy, where you place it and your must-have hot tub accessories. A big part of the hot tub purchase decision is answering the question “who” will use the hot tub.

  • Is your goal to connect with family and friends? Look into a family hot tub that seat up to 7 or 8 adults. There's a reason the largest Hot Spring® spa is called the Grandee®!
  • Is it better to buy a small hot tub? You're more of a solo dipper? A small hot tub like the most popular selling Hot Spring Spa, the Jetsetter®, may meet your needs.
  • Are you buying a hot tub for therapeutic reasons or health benefits? If your hot tub purchase is meant to help relieve muscle aches or pains, you'll want to research which tubs have the best massage jets and circulation systems for hydrotherapy purposes. Hot tubs have benefits for better sleep and hypertension, too.
  • Is the goal of your hot tub purchase to have a place to hang out during social occasions? A hot tub entertainment system is something you should consider.

Once you know why you want a hot tub, you'll narrow your choices for your lifestyle and needs.

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Compare hot tub features with specifications in our brochures.

3. Where can I find the exact price of a hot tub?

Hot tub pricing can run from $4,000 to upward of $20,000. Different price points reflect features, accessories, sizes and quality. Generally, value-priced hot tubs may be smaller, with fewer pumps, jets, lights, design features, etc. They may also be more expensive to operate or cost you more on your monthly utility bills. Be sure to shop around and consult the experts. You can read more about hot tub price in our Hot Tub FAQ article, "How Much Does A Hot Tub Cost". Hot Spring can connect you with a dealer who will help you find the best quality hot tub model that's right for you and your budget.

  • Make a “must-have” list for your new hot tub.
  • Make another list of “nice-to-have” but not necessary items.

These lists will help you narrow the hot tub price range with your “must” amenities and plan a budget. Don't forget to factor in the monthly energy costs of running and maintaining your hot tub.

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How much will a hot tub increase my electric bill?

4. How Hard is it to Manage Hot Tub Maintenance?

Hot tub maintenance considerations are the nuts and bolts of your purchase. Your spa can last up to 20 years or more. You'll need to provide regular care and spa maintenance to keep it functioning at its best. You will need to drain and refill the spa periodically. This depends on usage and water care choices. Hot tubs require replacement parts from time to time. New hot tub filters, sanitization and cleaning chemicals/systems are normal ongoing costs. You might choose a hot tub salt water system. Fortunately, Hot Spring hot tubs are easy to maintain and own.

What is the easiest way to keep hot tub water clean?

5. Where Should I Buy My Hot Tub?

There are many hot tub dealers who sell the latest and greatest hot tub products and services. This is a big investment and you'll want to make sure the hot tub store you buy from is reliable and trustworthy. Hot Spring offers a nationwide network of certified spa dealers who will make the experience simple and comfortable. You may work with your hot tub store owner over the lifetime of your spa for service and repairs, so make sure you like them!