A Valentine’s Day hot tub is a warm romantic getaway without leaving your house.

Springtime love is often heralded in sonnets, but it's on February 14 that lovers across the globe celebrate their love. On Valentine's Day, couples share gifts, time, and romantic gestures to acknowledge and even renew their commitments and passions. For couples who own home spas, a Valentine's Day hot tub soak can turn up the romance and set the scene for a night to remember.


Every couple is different. Some prefer planning quiet nights in the privacy of their homes over accepting last-minute getaway invitations; others thrive on the unexpected, with each little surprise making their love grow stronger. For either type, a hot tub soak on Valentine's Day is a perfect way to escape life for a night, reconnect, and inspire passion. Here are a few ways you can channel Cupid and plan a special evening for your partner:

  • Hand-write an invitation to join you in the spa. After a hard day at work, your partner may not be feeling the romance. But if you greet him or her at the door with an invitation to join you for a soothing jet massage, the right mood won't be far behind.
  • Lay a path of rose petals to the hot tub. Soft and silky red petals that trail from the front door to the spa will add an air of mystery to the evening and help build the desire for romance. Just remember to set the controls so that your spa will be ready and waiting for you.
  • Set the scene for love. After a delicious dinner, light some candles around the hot tub and take advantage of your spa's lighting and entertainment features. If you have a music-ready spa with a wireless Bluetooth® audio system, you can connect your hot tub to your home entertainment system and enjoy a flirtatious hot tub playlist you created yourself.
  • Chill a little something for refreshment. The hot water and powerful jets of your spa will make you long for a cool drink that will refresh and keep you and your valentine hydrated.

A hot tub rendezvous makes for a romantic evening that can go late into the night. But your Valentine's Day celebration doesn't have to wait until dark. You can surprise your partner with breakfast in bed and then enjoy a soothing, therapeutic soak before heading into your day.


A Valentine's Day soak in your spa not only offers a relaxing path to romance, but also provides a chance to intimately connect with your partner through conversation. Expressing your love and respect through sincere and thoughtful language is for many busy couples the best gift of all. Here are a few conversation starters that can help you embrace the intimacy of the moments while soaking with your partner in your spa:

  • Talk about how you first met and the moment love struck. Couples love this particular trip down memory lane because retelling the story sparks the original feelings of being thunderstruck. This conversation is a one-way ticket to smiles and cuddling.
  • Tell each other why you're grateful. Life happens quickly and it's easy to forget to acknowledge the things your partner does for you each day and how much even the littlest gestures mean to you. So, as you both relax in your spa, take turns expressing your gratitude. This conversation can lead to others just as meaningful.
  • Make new commitments. Nobody's perfect—both you and your partner have faults. So, take time to acknowledge them and makes promises to change the behaviors that need changing.

A hot tub is a great way to spend time with your partner in an intimate, comfortable, and distraction-free environment. With a home spa, you can not only make Valentine's Day even more special than usual, you can make every day Valentine's Day, allowing you to reconnect on the most intimate levels whenever the mood strikes.

Hot Spring spas are known for their high quality, reliability, and durability. To find the hot tub that will perfectly suit your needs on Valentine's Day and every day, download a brochure.