The most therapeutic hot tub is one that is used every day.

Humans have been soaking in warm water to ease pains, feel better emotionally, and to socialize for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, for example, would trek miles to natural hot springs to reap the benefits of a hot soak. Today, modern spas offer those benefits and more—at home.

The most therapeutic hot tubs can aid in muscle recovery and overall quality of life, reduce stiffness and stress, and improve relationships and sleep. But to take full advantage of a therapeutic spa, you must use it often. A quality spa that's easy to use on a daily basis and that includes features that best support wellness will provide the most therapeutic experiences.


Everyday use of a therapeutic hot tub brings lasting wellness benefits

There are three major forces behind effective hot tub hydrotherapy. Together, they help ease aches and pains and improve sleep and emotional well-being:

  • Buoyancy. In water, the human body is buoyant. So, a hot tub soak provides a respite from the constant force of gravity and relieves sore muscles and joints.
  • Heat. The warm water of a spa dilates blood vessels, allowing blood to flow through them more freely. This helps flush lactic acid buildup from muscles, especially after a workout, and rushes oxygen and nutrients them to speed up recovery.
  • Massage. Water immersion produces hydrostatic pressure that helps to support the body, reduce swelling, and compress the muscles, reducing muscle fatigue. Massaging jets increase the pressure to further enhance these benefits.

Sleep is an important part of your physical and emotional health, and a hot tub soak before bed can help you get a better night's rest. Your body temperature naturally falls when you begin to drift off to sleep. The cooling period after a warm soak triggers that same natural response. When you're well rested and able to maintain a regular sleep pattern, you'll feel more energetic during the day and more mentally and emotionally resilient.

Watch the video below to learn how a hot tub can have a profound impact on your life.


Manufacturers of quality spas, including Hot Spring® spas, are dedicated to doing more than just making hot tubs—they are invested in creating great experiences. The three main factors that help ensure great experiences and overall customer satisfaction are the same factors that inspire you to use your hot tub every day: reliability, convenience, and ease of maintenance.

Reliability. A quality hot tub is carefully engineered and precision-designed to provide you with clean, clear water every time you soak. Top manufacturers, Hot Spring included, are trade certified and recognized with International Organization for Standards (ISO) certification for manufacturing and reliability.

A cover lifter makes getting into and out of a hot tub easier.

Convenience. If your spa isn't easy to use, you're less likely to take advantage of its therapeutic benefits. So, in addition to considering the most convenient location for your home spa, you'll want to invest in a hot tub cover lifter. A cover lifter makes it easy to remove and replace the spa cover for daily use. A top-quality spa will come with a properly fitted and insulated cover that will protect the hot tub shell and bar top from the sun's punishing UV rays, keep the water warm for hydrotherapy, and prevent debris from entering the spa and clogging the filters.

Ease of care. The easier it is to care for your spa water and filters, the more you'll soak. A cartridge-based water sanitizing system, such as the FROG® @ease® IN-LINE system, makes it simple to keep spa water clean and balanced. The system releases sanitizing chemicals slowly, over time, so you spend less time on maintenance. Spa filters should be of high quality, easily accessible, and simple to clean. Tri-X® filters on Hot Spring spas are top loading—inserted and removed for cleaning through a panel on the spa's bar top. To clean the filters, simply spray them with a dealer-recommended cleaner or degreaser and then rinse with a garden hose. For a deeper clean, soak the filters overnight and then rinse, or run them through a dishwasher without soap. Clean filters will keep your jets flowing at full force for great hydrotherapy massage.

Discover other spa accessories that will make your therapeutic hot tub easier to use every day.


What makes a hot tub therapeutic is choosing to incorporate soaks into your daily routine. The features of your spa are what make that easy, starting with the jets.

While jets are standard on spas, some manufacturers go a step beyond, placing jets in areas that target specific muscle groups. Additional massage jets in the armrests and the footwell of a hot tub, for example, extend the message across the whole body. Innovative jets in Hot Spring spas, including Moto-Massage® DX jets and Rotary Precision® jets, deliver powerful pressure streams that you can customize to your preference. The Moto-Massage DX features dual streams of water that sweep up and down your back for a whole back massage, while Rotary Precision jets provide deep tension-relieving massages in targeted areas.

Easy-to-use controls are an important part of using a therapeutic hot tub every day.

A quality hot tub will also offer full system control over your spa experience, allowing you to set your preferences and change them as your mood and physical needs change. Intuitive controls, such as those on Hot Spring Highlife® Collection spas provide stress-free, effective hot tub hydrotherapy.

The intuitive, full-color touchscreen control panel featured in the Highlife Collection allows you to navigate menus easily, increase or decrease pump speed, activate jet zones, and more—with the touch of a finger. The Highlife NXT Collection takes that convenience a step further with a similar control panel that's detachable to use as a remote. You can change spa settings without leaving the water.

Hot Spring also offers an option to down your spa for cold water hydrotherapy. With the CoolZone System, you can cool your spa water and heat it back up again in just a few hours.

Easy control over all aspects of your soak makes it easy for you to benefit from hot tub hydrotherapy for as long as you own your spa. The secret to enjoying a lasting wellness routine in a therapeutic hot tub from hydrotherapy is finding a hot tub that's easy to use daily. When shopping for a therapeutic hot tub look for innovation in quality, manufacturing, and a lasting dedication to customer service.

Hot Spring spas are recognized worldwide for quality and reliability, with certifications from the International Organization for Standardization and Reach out to a Hot Spring dealer near you to find the most therapeutic hot tub for your lifestyle.