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Comfort, relief and fun are emotional reasons for craving your own personal hot tub. Alone, they might not convince an analytical thinker who wants details about energy usage and expense, the amount of work involved and overall affordability. We've got both the emotional and rational reasons to own a Hot Spring® spa covered here to help you decide.

As Hot Spring owners know, we are the experts at designing, building and delivering the most thorough, comprehensive and quality spa product in the world.

Here are 38 reasons to own a Hot Spring spa


1. Create romance

No phones, but so much to say. No screens, but a whole world to watch. Warm water and beautiful natural scenery makes decompressing and connecting so much better!

a couple relaxes in a highlife nxt jacuzzi with a bellafontana fountain

As a part of the Highlife® Collection, the Aria® NXT spa features a BellaFontana® fountain, and much more.

2. Fun with friends

30 years ago, Americans reported three close friends. Today, that number is just two. Work and family obligations make it tough to find the time to get together with friends. But who can turn down the offer of a hot tub soak?

3. Fun with family

Kids love playing in the hot tub with parents, siblings and friends. The hot tub also gives grandparents something fun to do when they stop by for a visit.

4. Quality time with teens

Once kids hit the teen years, getting them to open up becomes more difficult. “Come sit in the hot tub with me” often gets a positive response.

5. Time together with the people who matter

Connecting with extended family and close friends protects physical and mental health. Conversation offers emotional support and ideas for solving problems. We are social animals and connecting regularly is critical to our well-being.

6. Time outdoors

Seeing, smelling, touching and hearing our natural environment provides wellness and emotional benefits we can't get anywhere else.

7. Time to unplug

Taking time to reflect on feelings and thoughts in the moment makes us more productive, creative, happy and pleasant to be around. Unplugging should be a part of everyone's day!

8. An enriched life

A well-lived life doesn't mean you are always busy. It means living by your values and priorities. Moments in the hot tub can help anyone take inventory of their choices. After all, as Plato said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

9. Pamper yourself

You may be surprised at how much a little relaxation improves your mood and outlook.

10. Easy maintenance

You bought a spa to relax, not work harder! With proper care, spa maintenance is a breeze. We even developed the FreshWater® Salt System so owners can cut maintenance down to as little effort as monthly tests and annual water changes.

11. Entertainment systems

How about some jazz? The Hot Spring entertainment systems let you stream music live or access your playlist from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. If it's football that relaxes you or Game of Thrones, television options make for great solo rejuvenation or a neighborhood soak-in.


12. Energy efficient

All Hot Spring hot tubs are California Energy Commission (CEC) certified, and we've gone above and beyond these standards. Read about the nine ways we keep your spa insulated and running smoothly, and calculate your own monthly energy costs.

13. Better jets

Moto-Massage® jets send two powerful streams of water sweeping up and down your back. Wish you had a real masseuse? We have that, too. Rotary Precision® jets mimic the masseuse's fingertips as the rotating nozzles focus on delicate areas like your wrists. We engineered our customers' demands into each jet.

an underwater image of the jets running in a highlige gleam hot tub

The Limelight® Collection Gleam® Jet System offers an incredible 73 jets that relieve-tension in targeted areas.

14. Customized lighting

Six vibrant colors and three dimmer settings for each amount to 18 different lighting settings in many of our spa models. Owners can choose one color for the water and another for the bar top to create an exotic experience.

15. Customized options

Ready to supercharge your wellness, entertainment and relaxation? Eleven types of jets, six colors, and a wide range of cabinet and cover styles and colors put the finishing touches on the masterpiece you create.

16. Best selection

No other company offers four different lines and 22 spa models, each with standard features ready to be expanded. You can select a spa cozy enough for two or large enough for seven.


17. The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®

Prompt service from your local Hot Spring dealer, shopping guidance and easy maintenance ensures owners a worry-free experience that brings all the peace of mind hot tub ownership should entail.

18. Comprehensive warranty on each spa

Each spa comes with a warranty that covers the shell, cabinet, plumbing, components, the No-Fault® Heater, lighting, water care system and controller.

19. Corporate-backed customer support

A dedicated customer service department at our Vista, California headquarters is available to ensure you have the Absolute Best Ownership Experience.

20. After-sale support

Once you buy your spa, your professional dealer stands at the ready, waiting for your questions and concerns.

21. Customer appreciation

Hot Spring often recognizes customers with tokens of appreciation, like the chance to win logo promotional apparel for all reviewers submitted in our monthly drawing. Who knows what we'll offer next!

22. Reach us on Facebook

Have you seen our Facebook page? We're quick to answer your questions and love to read your comments.

a couple enjoying a soak in a highlife sovereign hot tub

You can bask in the ambience of the Sovereign® spa while enjoying a soothing massage.

Better Health

23. Arthritis relief

Time in the hot tub increases the spaces between joints, allowing healing, oxygen-rich blood to flow into painful areas. Buoyancy also relieves pressure on joints.

24. Back pain relief

As with arthritis relief, the buoyancy and warm water of the hot tub allows the vertebrae in the back the space needed to permit increased, healing blood flow.

25. Better athletic recovery

Athletes overwork their muscles and owe their muscles the healing that hydrotherapy provides. Warm water improves circulation, allowing blood to flow further into veins and capillaries, removing the lactic acid causing pain. Jets help muscle fibers relax and heal.

26. Better mobility and flexibility

Warm water relaxes muscles and helps make tendons and ligaments more pliable. Move around in the spa to enjoy the movements you might not be able to do comfortably on dry land: touching your toes, lifting your leg higher, turning your back further.

27. Improve circulation

Hot water dilates veins and capillaries so that more blood can flow to more parts of the body. The blood removes toxins and adds nutrients to every cell. This process helps us feel amazing overall. Water buoyancy and pressure helps the heart beat more powerfully and consistently. This pushes blood to every inch of our bodies.

28. Great for skin

Regular hot tub use can make your skin glow. Improved circulation brings blood up to the face so it can replenish skin cells more efficiently.

29. Improved sleep

Increased circulation that results from the warm water triggers our body's relaxation response, a hormonal process. Further, being outside at night, away from light-emitting screens, signals to the body that it's time to sleep.

30. Hypertension relief

A hot tub soak lowers blood pressure, relieving the effects of hypertension to some extent. Blood pressure drops because the blood vessels dilate, allowing blood to flow further.

an image of a highlife sovereign spa on a sunny patio demonstrating the use of a spa side umbrella

Bring shade to your spa with the 360° rotatable spa side umbrella.

Spa-Side Enhancements

31. Umbrella

Protect yourself from the sun completely or tan your legs while keeping your face cool. Rotate this sturdy, 9-foot 9-inch umbrella 360◦ to meet your whims.

32. Towel tree

Keep towels up and away from the ground, within easy reach.

33. Side rail

A handrail makes entering and exiting the spa simple and safe. A battery powered LED light ensures a steady step.

Luxurious Upgrades

34. Coolzone

Hot water is sumptuous… until summer's hottest days. Now turn your spa into a cooling system in a matter of hours, and have a steamy spa again before bedtime.

35. Wireless remote

Our wireless remote lets you adjust sound, temperature and lighting from up to 50 feet away.

an image of a couple enjoying the ambiance of a beautiful evening and the gentle romantic lighting of a highlife grandee nxt jacuzzi

As a part of the Highlife® Collection, the Grandee® spa features beautiful exterior lighting.

Bragging Rights

36. Highest Quality

Hot Spring guarantees the highest quality of every element from our components to our cabinets, our massage jets to our monitoring and management systems.

37. Best Dealers

Authorized Hot Spring dealers undergo an application process that includes high level technical and service training.

38. World's Top Selling Brand

Hot Spring is the world's top selling portable spa brand. Ready to pick out your spa? Now's a great time to chat with your local dealer.