Day or night, you can count on a Highlife Collection hot tub from Hot Spring Spas to deliver The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®.

You decided to invest in a luxury hot tub. You're eager to enjoy the wellness benefits of hydrotherapy and experience vitality that unleashes your best self - every day. But as you start your search for the perfect spa, you may find your enthusiasm turning into confusion as you explore the abundance of features, options, colors, warranties, and brands available to you.

Premium hot tubs include so many features that it's easy to become overwhelmed by choices. Reputable spa manufacturers like Hot Spring® Spas, Caldera® Spas, Jacuzzi®, Sundance® Spas, Master Spas® and others offer a variety of high-end models with a range of features and options. But while they might look impressive on the showroom floor, lots of extra features and an abundance of jets don't necessarily equate to a high-end ownership experience.

The Highlife® Collection from Hot Spring Spas

What is the best brand of hot tub to buy? We often say that the best hot tub is the one you use regularly - that's why it's important to invest in a spa that will deliver the best possible experience, now and for years to come. The Highlife® Collection from Hot Spring Spas is our very best, designed for those who expect the most out of life. Our legendary massage, crystal clear water, and industry-leading energy efficiency all come together in a spa that will be part of a daily routine that makes every day better.

Highlife Collection spas are known for features like the Moto-Massage® DX jet that provides a massage like no other, a 100% no-bypass filtration system that filters all of the water all of the time - even when jets are running, and high-flow Tri-X® filters that provide more effective filtration area than paper filters. But what truly sets this luxury Collection apart is more than 40 years of exceptional engineering, thoughtful innovations, and hydrotherapy expertise - combined with our network of world class dealers who share our commitment to deliver The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®. That dedication is what has made Hot Spring Spas the world's best selling brand of hot tubs.

Hot Spring Highlife Grandee Lifestyle. Family Time.

A Highlife Collection spa provides a healthy space to connect with family and friends, free of devices and distractions.

The Daily Routine that Unleashes Your Best Self

From the moment you take your first soak, you'll know you made a great investment. Twenty minutes each day is all it takes to unleash your best self. A warm soak in the morning can help deliver the vitality you need to take on whatever the day has in store, while relaxing at the end of the day can help counteract life's pressures and prepare you for a good night's rest. Your hot tub will be there to warm and loosen your muscles before exercise, and help with post-workout recovery. Hot tub hydrotherapy is also helpful in relieving aches and pains — you'll emerge feeling better mentally, physically and emotionally.

Built to Last, Highlife Collection Spas Provide Long Term Value with Low Operating Costs, Ease of Use, and Quality Construction

When researching hot tub prices, make sure to take ongoing costs into account. Highlife Collection spas are designed for super energy efficiency, with the comprehensive Energy Smart® system of innovations that helps keep monthly costs low. These spas feature multiple layers of high density foam to lock in heat, the SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump that uses less energy than a 40 watt lightbulb, and custom designed covers that lock in heat.

Each Highlife Collection model comes ready for the FreshWater® Salt System which can help conserve water, saves you time on maintenance, and feels better on your skin.

Finally, the durable polymer structure and base pan will never rust or rot, so you can count on enjoying your spa for years to come!

Highlife Collection Spa Owners Share Their Experience

It's easy to list the benefits of unparalleled massage, easy water care and industry-leading energy efficiency, but why not hear from real hot tub owners! Take some time to read these reviews and see for yourself how Highlife Collection spas can make every day better.

We decided to treat ourselves to a brand new tub that could accommodate more of our friends and family. The Grandee spa won us over immediately. It is so easy to maintain and operate. I love that we have the easy-open feature that lets me lift the cover with one hand, so I don't have to "undo" the relaxation by straining to pull the cover back on after a soak. The light features are meditative and always wow our guests. We are so very happy with this purchase and have recommended this model to our friends and family.

Grandee Spa Owners from Raleigh, NC

My wife and I have used the spa almost every night this winter. My favorite night using the spa, which sits on our outdoor deck, the temp was negative 8 and the moon and stars were beautiful. Has been great on our legs as we are both distance runners.

Jetsetter spa owners from Lewistown, IL

A Focus on Service and Quality Shared by Factory and Dealerships

Over more than 40 years, Hot Spring Spas built a reputation for quality. Our commitment doesn't stop at the factory — our highly trained group of authorized Hot Spring dealers are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service as you shop, purchase and enjoy your spa.

Now that you've explored the features and benefits of our Highlife Collection spas on paper, it's time to experience our unparalleled massage, easy water care, and industry-leading energy efficiency for yourself. Contact your local Hot Spring Spas dealer and arrange a model tour and a test soak!

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