Save Water

Maximize the Life of Your Spa Water

with the ACE® salt water system from Hot Spring® Spas

The ACE salt water system cleans spa water differently and more effectively than traditional spa water care programs and other salt water systems. As a result, your spa water can last longer, up to 12 months, when you use the ACE system properly.

Changing spa water

The generally accepted guideline for traditional spa water care programs recommends that you drain and refill your spa every three to four months. This estimate assumes that the spa water is being treated with bottled sanitizers like chlorine or bromine, which often contain stabilizers and other additives. As these sanitizers and other bottled products are regularly added to the spa water, the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water increases. Once the TDS reaches a certain level, spa water becomes increasingly difficult to keep clean and clear and ultimately the water should be changed. Based on the amount of bottled products typically added to the spa for water care and assuming average usage patterns, it is estimated that the TDS will typically reach this level after three to four months of use. Ultimately, spa owners should decide when it is time to change their spa water based on the clarity and quality of the water.

A More Effective Approach to Water Care

The ACE system cleans the water more effectively than bottled sanitizers and helps minimize the amount of total dissolved solids that accumulate in the water over time. As a result, when using the ACE system properly, your spa water will be clean and clear and can last much longer – up to 12 months – before it needs to be changed.

The ACE system cleans and helps extend the life of your spa water in a number of ways:

  • Lower total dissolved solids (TDS) over time.  The TDS level of spa water maintained through the regular addition of bottled chemicals quickly exceeds the TDS level of spa water maintained with the ACE system. Although the initial TDS level when using the ACE system is higher due to the addition of salt, relatively few bottled chemicals are added thereafter, which keeps TDS levels lower as time goes on.
  • No build-up of cyanuric acid.  Cyanuric acid is added to solid bottled chlorine (dichlor) as a shelf and UV stabilizer. Regular dosing of bottled dichlor will lead to a level of acid that will slow, and even inhibit, the cleaning ability of the chlorine.  The acid also contributes to the TDS level of the water. Since the ACE system generates chlorine from salt and water, there is no stabilizing acid, and therefore water changes are not needed to eventually address the acid build-up.
  • Fewer byproducts. Traditional water care systems use bottled chlorine or bromine to sanitize spa water, which results in a difficult to remove accumulation of chloramine or bromamine byproducts.  The accumulation of these byproducts over time can accelerate the need for a water change.  The ACE system cleans the water initially with hydroxyl radicals (active oxygen) derived from splitting water molecules.  The oxygen essentially combusts waste leaving behind only carbon dioxide and water – and no other byproducts.
  • More effective cleaners. The active oxygen generated by the ACE system is a more powerful cleaner than chlorine and is able to break down and remove contaminants that are normally left in the water when cleaning with chlorine alone.  The contaminants that are typically left behind contribute to the TDS level. Since the ACE system removes those contaminants, it helps spa water last longer than traditional water care.

Getting the Most Out of Your Spa Water

The ACE® system can help your spa water last longer – up to 12 months. Maintaining balanced and sanitized spa water is ultimately the responsibility of the spa owner. Follow the guidelines below to ensure you enjoy the best water quality and the longer lasting spa water when using the ACE system.

  • Always maintain balanced spa water. The pH and alkalinity levels must stay within the industry accepted ‘OK’ levels as indicated on your spa test strips.
  • Keep total hardness at 50 ppm. Use the Vanishing Act calcium remover as needed, or ask your Hot Spring dealer about our On The Go portable water softeners for filling up and topping off.
  • Remove metals. Use the CleanScrean pre-filter to remove metals and other contaminants before they are introduced to the spa. This will help reduce the amount of bottled product needed to treat for metals after the spa is filled.
  • Test for chlorine regularly. Adjust ACE settings to maintain a chlorine level of 3 to 5 ppm. Use a small amount of FreshWater Concentrated Chlorinated Granules to supplement when needed.
  • Clean the ACE Cell regularly. To optimize ACE cell performance, and maximize time between cell replacements, inspect the cell for scaling every 30 days, and clean at least once every 3 months.
  •  Clean filters regularly. Having clean filters will help ensure that the ACE system can perform optimally. We recommend cleaning your spa filters once per month.
  • Use only Freshwater® bottled water care products. This premium line of products is designed specifically for use in your Hot Spring spa. The use of non-approved products can compromise water quality, impact the life of the water, and potentially void your spa’s warranty.