A warm, inviting hot tub is a great place to ring in the New Year.

The season for giving is upon us. As you gather with your family for the holidays and share thoughtful messages of love and appreciation, it's easy to get caught up in the charity and forget that you, too, need to be taken care of. Perhaps that's why the new year kicks off with resolutions. They remind us that taking care of ourselves is the first step toward being able to take care of others.

While New Year's resolutions take all forms, the most common involve exercising willpower as well as your muscles: eating less and going to the gym more often. But not all resolutions have to involve giving something up. In fact, by making your hot tub the center of your New Year's resolutions, you can add a wellness routine that keeps on giving back.

Here's how your home spa can help you focus more on yourself, improve sleep, and better connect with your family.


Meeting fitness goals in the new year is more enjoyable with a soak before and after your workouts.

Many of us are creatures of habit and, as such, we tend to get locked into routines—both good and bad. But when you pair your hot tub with your New Year's resolutions, changing bad habits or starting a good and healthy wellness routine to best fit your lifestyle and schedule is easy because of convenience. A home hot tub is just steps away from your door, after all. Since there's no need to make a commitment to drive to a gym or spa to stick to your resolution, you're more likely to keep it.

By using a home spa in tandem with your diet and exercise goals, you can stick to your plan for improved wellness in the new year. For example, if your resolution involves losing weight and you begin your day with a nutritious breakfast and a 20-minute walk, consider a pre-workout soak in your spa. That time can allow you to focus on your goals and on the day ahead. You could also choose to enjoy a post-workout soak as your reward for following through on your daily commitment.

Regardless of whether you use your spa before or after exercise, the health and wellness benefits you can gain are plentiful. Warm water therapy can have positive effects on health, similar to exercise. Soothing daily soaks may be just the thing to help you stick with your new workout routine and enjoy a happier, healthier you in the new year.

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A home spa offers other health benefits, too, including improved sleep and stress relief.


A hot tub can be especially helpful when your new year resolution is focused on wellness.

A 2018 poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation reveals that only 10% of Americans prioritize sleep, which means that most of us probably aren't getting the rest that we need. Research shows that a lack of sleep can affect stress levels and increase the risk of developing particular mental illnesses. Poor sleep has even been linked to physical problems, such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

The good news is that one of the greatest benefits of a hot tub is a better night's sleep. A hot tub can reduce stress, which can make it easier to get to sleep. Plus, once you are asleep, your sleep is likely to be deeper and more satisfying. The secret to using your spa to rest better is in the timing.

Plan to take a 15-minute soak at least a few nights a week about 90 minutes before bed. As you relax in the warm water of your spa, your core body temperature increases. Once you get out, your body temperature naturally lowers. This change triggers sleepiness so that you're relaxed by the time you climb into bed. A good night's sleep will help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

If your resolutions include better connecting with your partner and children, your spa can help you reach those goals, too.


A hot tub for the new year can be a great way to draw your teenager into a conversation.

Modern life is hectic for just about everyone. Spouses may be so busy with work they spend less quality time with one another, and parents of adolescents or teens may find it hard to compete with school, extracurricular commitments, and technology for their kids' attention. But your hot tub can be a place where everyone comes together to unplug, have heart-to-heart talks, and create great memories.

Making a commitment to soak as a family in the new year, free of technology and other distractions, will not only give you the time to catch up, but also allow you all to communicate in a deep, relaxing way that can improve the overall quality of life. A hot tub can not only help you handle work anxiety, but also can help your teens manage their stress. Just remember that children should always be supervised in a spa and taught how to use a hot tub safely.

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A hot tub routine helps create a whole new you for a new year.


In the new year, resolve to take full advantage of the health benefits your home hot tub provides. If you don't yet own a spa, consider purchasing one that best contributes to your overall wellness routine. A home spa should be a source of enjoyment, relaxation, and provide you with the most healthful experience to follow through on your resolutions year-round.

At Watkins Wellness®, the manufacturer of Hot Spring spas, we are committed to providing our customers with the absolute best hot tub ownership experience. If you're ready to start the New Year in a Hot Spring spa, visit a dealer near you.