Reading hot tub reviews posted by real spa owners is an important part of shopping for a hot tub.

When you invest in a high-quality home hot tub, you're investing in reliability, durability, and convenient access to all of the great benefits of hydrotherapy. So, whether you're buying your first hot tub or trading in your current spa for a brand new hot tub with updated features and options, it can be very helpful to read hot tub reviews from customers. As you research online in an effort to choose the best spa, keep in mind that some sites are paid advertisers of hot tubs. Other sites, including some manufacturer sites, offer a small incentive, such as entry in a sweepstakes, for leaving a review. This is common and done so consumers feel rewarded for taking the time to share their experiences and help shoppers at the same time. Reading these first-party reviews on spa manufacturer sites is a smart first step on the path to finding the perfect hot tub for you.


When making a purchase, especially a large purchase, it's common for shoppers to go to consumer advocate sites, such as Consumer Affairs and TopTenReviews. But they might not be your best options since they coax reviews in various ways. While they don't encourage strictly positive or negative reviews, you might not get a realistic assessment of a hot tub brand or specific model.

It's also important to know that hot tub reviews containing service and maintenance opinions must be read very carefully. Spa dealers typically provide great service and maintenance, even when a spa is no longer under warranty. In fact, when manufacturers choose dealers to sell their products, they base their decisions on dealer service reputation. So, if you see a bad review regarding a service call, it's extremely likely a reviewer did not seek service from a dealer.

Third-party hot tub reviews can be a step removed from reviews written by actual spa owners.

The best way to find complete and honest opinions of hot tubs is to read first-party reviews posted by hot tub owners on manufacturer sites. These heartfelt opinions of true hot-tubbers will better inform your choice of purchase.


At Hot Spring®, we focus on manufacturing top-quality spas. Our great reputation is built on trust and the quality and reliability of our spas. So, by providing shoppers with first-party reviews by real hot-tubbers, we offer them the best possible perspective on what owning a home hot tub is like and the many benefits a spa can offer.

Discover how to get the most out of your hot tub benefits.

Reading reviews on our site is simple. On the model page of each spa in every Hot Spring Collection is a link to all of the reviews for that model. For example, here are all of the reviews of the Highlife® Vanguard®, including the following:

Hot tub reviews can highlight the importance of accessories.

We use it every night, it helps us relax before turning in. The best part is that with the ACE system there is no need to shower after...tub and straight to bed!

Bob, Portland

“I have had my Vanguard since October 2002 with only minor issues located outside in southern Wisconsin. It is easy to keep up with as far as maintenance and in 16 years, we have had just three service calls which were quickly repaired. Maintenance is pretty quick & easy, although we don't use it very often during mid-summer but Fall, Spring & Winter are excellent. The "easy lift" cover is a great idea for one person operation. The coldest temp that I used it was -22°F, it was very comfortable, but the walk to it was "brisk". I am shopping for another unit just like this.”

Ted K, Fontana, WI

Both reviews include great examples of what a quality home hot tub can offer. A spa can be a sleep aid as well as a way to beat the winter cold. Plus, water care options, such as the FreshWater® System, and other innovations from Hot Spring, including our wireless remote control, can enhance your spa experience and make it much more convenient to use your spa. There are more than a thousand reviews of Hot Spring spas on our website, and many owners share their experiences of how a hot tub has improved their overall well-being.

A more generalized look at the reviews for an entire spa collection can help you to narrow down your search to a specific model that best suits your lifestyle and needs. The review below of the Hot Spring Jetsetter®, for example, confirms that it's a hot tub perfectly sized for a couple interested in taking full advantage of the benefits of Hot Spring jet systems. It also provides the name of a reputable dealer for shoppers in the same region as the reviewer.

We know that loyal Hot Spring owners enjoy sharing their stories and photos—for no other reason than because they love their hot tubs.

“As a first time tubber, Phoebe at Atlantic Spas & Billards was most helpful from our first visit through delivery and set up. Spa is perfect size for two with four sitting stations that please all parts of the body - although we each have our favorites.”

TubberNewby, Sanford, NC

Authentic hot tub reviews can testify to the many benefits of spas.

A high-quality, durable spa isn't just an aesthetic addition to your home—it's also an investment in well-being and comfort. Choosing a hot tub you'll love means discovering the brand, the spa collections, and specific models that come with a seal of approval from real hot tub owners.

Hot Spring has over 40 years of experience manufacturing hot tubs, and a reputation for pleasing customers. Real reviews from real customers are testaments to the quality of the Hot Spring Collection and spa models. To find your new hot tub, head to your local Hot Spring dealer.