The best time of year to buy a hot tub, such as the Hot Spring Limelight® Pulse is when the best deals are available.

A hot tub is a large but extremely worthwhile investment in your health and well-being, which explains why high-quality spas are always in demand. Fitness buffs know that soaking in a hot tub can keep muscles from stiffening up during a workout and loosen stiff muscles after an intense workout. A hot tub can also improve the quality of life of those who suffer chronic or nagging pains that result from old injuries or rheumatic diseases, and help to nurture relationships with family and friends. Because a quality home spa is a meaningful investment, it behooves you to shop smart. Follow our advice below to find the best deal on a hot tub that will fit your lifestyle and desires perfectly and within your budget.

The Best Time of Year to Buy a Hot Tub Is When You Find the Best Deal

It's true. There is no best time of year to buy a spa, simply because great deals on hot tubs can come at any time. Throughout the year, hot tub dealers offer savings on spas in the form of national campaigns and blowouts. Plus, come fall, dealers typically clear their inventories to make room for new models. They do this by offering discounts on existing stock. Most dealers also offer good financing rates year-round.

Money-savvy hot tub shoppers purchase a spa that not only fits their needs and budget, but also includes the features and accessories they desire during fall clearance sales. Determining which features and options offer the most benefits can be a challenge, though, which is why it's smart to seek the best deal at a trusted hot tub dealership.

Happiness is getting a deal on a Hot Spring Limelight® Flair.

Local Hot Tub Dealers Offer Knowledge and Assurance, Along With the Best Deals

While you might be tempted to turn to a private seller in your effort to find the best hot tub deal, think twice. When you buy from a private seller online, you'll pay for delivery and will have to install it yourself. If you decide to buy a used hot tub from a private seller in your area, you'll not only be responsible for transporting and installing it yourself, but you'll also receive no warranty or guarantee that the spa was properly maintained. While the shell might look fine, the inner components could be damaged or worn out, and need replacement. That great deal you were hoping for might not be a good deal at all.

Visiting your local dealer's showroom is the smart choice when seeking a great hot tub deal.

Hot tub dealers, on the other hand, know their inventory inside and out. They are knowledgeable about the features and options available and will help you determine which model fits your needs best. You'll be able to get a feel for the various hot tub sizes, shells, configurations, and take a test soak, which is highly recommended. Moreover, when you buy a spa from a dealer, you get expert installation, an iron-clad warranty, and service options that will put your mind at ease for as long as you own your spa.

Getting the complete hot tub shopping experience from a knowledgeable seller is something you won't regret.

Choosing the best entertainment option, such as a 22-inch wireless TV monitor, will make the whole family happy.

Research Hot Tub Features, Accessories, and Options to Simplify the Shopping Experience

Now that you know heading to your local dealer is the smart choice when seeking a great deal, do a little bit of research beforehand to determine which hot tub features, options, and accessories are absolute must-haves. From hot tub size and water care systems to spa steps and handrails, each choice can benefit you in a different way.

Start by considering the most critical product specifications:

  • Size. If you have a large family or a lot of friends you'll want a spa that fits everyone comfortably. If you're a single athlete you may want a smaller spa for pre-workout soaks or post-workout recovery.
  • Jets. Hot tub jets of different sizes and with rotating heads and directional nozzles can target specific areas of your body for a soothing massage experience. Look for a spa model with jet configurations that suit you.
  • Pump(s). Hot tub pumps maintain the flow of water through the jets, playing an important role in hot tub hydrotherapy.
  • Water Care Systems. Spa water requires treatment to remain clean, but water care systems vary. A chlorine water care system cleans the water effectively, but can irritate eyes and skin. A salt water system, however, relies on minimal chlorine to sanitize your spa.

Next, consider some entertainment options:

  • Lighting. More than just a safety feature, hot tub lighting is soothing. LED lighting systems add color and ambiance to set the perfect mood for your soak. Each Hot Spring® collection has a model that offers standard lighting features.
  • Waterfalls and Fountains. Water features provide soothing ribbons and arcs of water. As with lighting, water features come standard with specific models in each Hot Spring collection.
  • Entertainment System. Opt for a wireless audio system with Bluetooth® technology to stream entertainment from other devices. Add a 22” HD wireless, HDMI-enabled monitor to watch your favorite shows and movies while enjoying a soak.

Finally, consider any accessories you might need:

  • Cover Lifter. Your new hot tub will come with a cover that protects your spa from the elements and falling debris. Because the cover is heavy, lifting it can be a chore. A hot tub cover lifter makes removing and replacing your bulky spa cover quick and easy.
  • Steps. A hot tub stands about 3' tall and can be difficult for some people to get into. Hot tub steps are weather-resistant, come in various styles, and can make getting in and out of a spa easier for everyone, especially children.
  • Handrail. A spa side handrail swings in and out of your hot tub and locks in place, making it easy to enter and exit the spa.
  • Spa Side Umbrella. If your hot tub will be exposed to direct sunlight much of the day, a large, high-quality umbrella can shield it and you from the sun's rays.

Once you've narrowed down your favorite features and options, your local dealer will be able to answer any questions you have, show you the different models that fit your budget, and set you up with a test soak.

A hot tub like the Hot Springs Highlife® Aria promotes bonding among siblings and friends.

When making a large investment in a spa, the assurance that comes from knowledgeable dealer staff, expert installation, and a warranty that won't leave you wondering if you've made the right choice is invaluable.

Hot Spring is the largest hot tub manufacturer in the United States. With lighting and water features standard on many models, getting what you desire while staying within your budget is possible. Visit your local dealer to get the best spa deal. To learn more about our hot tubs, download our brochure or request a quote.