Your hot tub’s shell helps determine how well it retains heat.

What Are Hot Tub Shells Made Of?

Learning more about what your hot tub shells are made of can give you a better idea about which hot tub would be best suited for your needs.

Using your hot tub in winter doesn’t have to spike your energy bill.

How Much Does My Hot Tub Cost to Run in Winter?

A hot tub can be a joy in every season. In the summer, it’s a great place to relax under the stars as twilight falls, or to greet the morning as the world wakes up. In the winter, it’s a perfect remedy for the drizzly, icy, sleety blues.

High-Tech Hot Tubs: What to Expect from your Technology

We live in an age of ubiquitous high-level technology. Case in point: You’re either reading this on your computer or on your smartphone, each in themselves a marvel of delicate electronics and precision engineering. We’ve come to depend on our technology—rely on our technology, expect a high degree of perfection from our technology—in everything from our cars to our thermostats to our coffee makers.

image of a highlife grandee hot tub with a distant shot of a city and bay in the background

16 Ways an Energy Efficient Hot Tub Makes Every Day Better

Motorcycle, jet ski and jet boat lover, Lou thrived on the twin thrills of speed and danger. One day a catastrophic motorcycle accident broke his femur into 47 pieces and nearly tore his foot off. Today, 37 years later, he still experiences pain after working at his job or on his home, but manages to stay active and upbeat with daily hot tub soaks.

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How Many Years Will My New Hot Tub Last?

If you’re like most spa buyers, you’ll spend hours researching your perfect hot tub. In addition to your time and energy, you’ll invest your money, too. Like most big purchases, savvy spa shoppers want to know how long a hot tub will last. Information about your spa’s life span is also important in terms of hot tub maintenance.

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The Truth about Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs

If you own a spa, or know how to maintain a hot tub, a self-cleaning spa probably sounds amazing. You mean I don’t have to measure and pour spa chemicals? The hot tub just cleans and takes care of itself? Sign me up! Not so fast. While a self-cleaning hot tub sounds great, the reality isn’t so clear-cut.