Comparing Hot Spring Highlife Collection NXT

To find the perfect hot tub, you first need to figure out what’s most important to you. The next step is finding out what’s available on the market, so you can pick the spa that best suits your particular needs and expectations.

This can be a little easier said than done. Today’s hot tubs are loaded with appealing features, and you may feel overwhelmed by choices. How many seats would you like? What sort of massaging jets do you need? What color would go best with your patio? Does it need to have a stereo? The sheer number of options can cause even experienced hot tub shoppers to pause in their search.

Once you have a basic understanding of what you’d like in your spa, the best way to answer all the ancillary questions about what you want is to research the hot tub brands and models currently on the market. By comparing the different options available to you, you can develop your preference based on the relative strengths of different models.

Overhead view of the Grandee NXT


To give you a good idea of what’s available, we’ve created a comparison of two premium spa collections: the Highlife® Collection NXT from Hot Spring® Spas and the Michael Phelps Legend® Series from Master Spas®. Designed in partnership with Designworks, a BMW Group Company, the Hot Spring Highlife Collection NXT is the pinnacle of modern luxury spas. Hot tub engineers sculpted a beautiful and energy-efficient spa for the discerning owner. The Master Spas® Michael Phelps Legend® Series spas, like their namesake, are designed to excel. Models in the Legend® Series are top-class spas from a top manufacturer, with artistic form and optimal function. By comparing these series next to each other, you’ll see what the world’s best hot tub brands have to offer.

This first chart will give you a broad overview of each series. You’ll see what’s available in terms of sizes, seats, and number of jets. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that quality matters as much as—or more than—quantity in each category. Strength and positioning can be more important than the total number of jets, and comfort and spacing may balance out a lower seat count. What’s truly right in a hot tub is what’s right for your lifestyle.

Size Seats Jets
Master Spas® Michael Phelps Legend® Series
LSX 900 9’ x 7’10” x 38″ 7-8 72
LSX 800 7’10″ x 7’10″ x 38″ 5-6 70
LSX 700 7’ x 7’ x 38″ 4-5 62
Hot Spring Highlife Collection NXT
Grandee® NXT 8’4″ X 7’7″ X 38″ 7 43
Envoy® NXT 7’3″ X 7’3″ X 36″ 6 38
Vanguard® NXT 7’9″ X 7’7″ X 38″ 5 43
Aria® NXT 7’3″ X 7’3″ X 36″ 4 35
Jetsetter® NXT 7′ X 5’5″ X 33″ 3 22

The Grandee NXT is a superior luxury spa


While the last chart gave you a broad overview of some key features of the top-level hot tub models available from Hot Spring and Master Spas®, it didn’t provide much detail. That’s where this next chart comes in. We’ve taken the top spas from each series, the Hot Spring Grandee NXT and the Michael Phelps Legend® LSX 900, and listed their specifications side by side. This closer look will show you all the different features to give you some insights into how different brands approach the various aspects of their spas.

Please be aware that the specifications listed, while accurate at the time of publication, may change without notice. For the most up-to-date information, consult your local dealer or visit the appropriate branded website before making a purchase.

Master Spas® Michael Phelps Legend® LSX 900 Hot Spring Grandee NXT
Seats 7-8 7
Dimensions 9’ x 7’10” x 38″ 8’4″ x 7’7″ x 38″
Jets The LSX 900 comes with 72 total jets, which are specifically designed to provide a powerful and relaxing massage. The twin Master Blaster® foot massage packages deliver a perfect foot massage with 28 jets. Finally, Extreme Therapy seats ease your back with precision massage jets. Orbit crystal jets combine beauty with fully adjustable velocity. The 43 jets include the Hot Spring exclusive Moto-Massage® DX jet to massage your back with powerful twin streams of water, Directional Precision® jets, SoothingStream® jets, JetStream® jets, Hydrostream jets, precision jet clusters, and rotary jets.
Water Capacity 490 gallons 450 gallons
Energy Efficiency Icynene foam technology, found in hot tubs from Master Spas®, is a leader in energy-efficient urethane spa shell manufacturing. Energy-efficient features of Highlife Collection NXT models include multi-layer foam insulation to prevent heat from escaping, a polymeric base pan, energy-efficient pumps, and custom-fitting insulated covers.
Filters The EcoPur® filtration system uses copper and zinc to decimate microorganisms and clear out heavy metals by creating an electrochemical reaction. The Grandee NXT uses top-loading Tri-X® filters with 100% no-bypass filtration.
Pumps The LSX is powered by four strong pumps. The Grandee NXT’s pumps are the two-speed Wavemaster 9200 and the one-speed Wavemaster 9000. Both powerful pumps have 2.5 continuous duty HP.
Wattage Not listed. 230 volts at 50 amps.
Remote Monitoring Master Spas® wi-fi module offers in-home monitoring and control via Apple and Android devices. The Connextion® remote monitoring system, available by subscription, alerts you and your service dealer to any maintenance issues.
Cooling System Master Spas® does not currently offer a cooling option. The optional CoolZone™ system cools water to as low as sixty degrees—perfect for hot days.
Cabinet The LSX 900’s Duramaster Premium™ skirt is available in Portabello or Espresso. Dreamstone™ skirts are available in Desert or Granite coloring, and the Duramaster™ II skirt is available in Ultra Black. The durable, attractive, all-weather cabinet comes in three attractive colors: Mocha, Teak, and Monterrey Grey.
Shell The standard shell colors for the LSX 900 are Sterling Silver, Sierra, Tuscan Sun, Winter Solstice, and Midnight Canyon. Oceanwave Opal is optionally available. The well-designed acrylic shell comes in Platinum, Alpine White, Ice Gray, Desert, Tuscan Sun, and Creme.
Control System In addition to an inset control panel, the LSX 900 can be controlled via an optional wifi module. NXT models use the IQ 2020®, a wireless touchscreen remote control, to adjust the jets and lighting as well as music. The full-color control panel works up to 30 feet away. A GFCI-protected subpanel is also included.
Water Features The LSX 900’s water features include its powerful jets and quiet circulation system. Enjoy illuminated arcs of water with the BellaFontana® water fountain.
Lighting Features The LSX-900 is lit by the Orion Light System™, which illuminates the control panel, water, and contours. The Afterglow light package can also add kaleidoscopic colors from the jets. Lighting features in the NXT models include the Luminescence® multicolor four-zone lighting system and programmable, multi-colored interior and exterior LED lighting systems.
Heater The LSX 900’s heater efficiently warms the water to the desired temperature. The No-Fault® 4000-watt 230-volt heater warms water swiftly.
Circulation Pump The QuietFlo™ Water Care System continuously warms and circulates water. The SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump provides continuous filtration.
Water Care Options The M3sterPur™ Water Management System combines ozone, UV-C light, and electrochemical reactions to sanitize spa water. Owners may opt for either the EverFresh® system or the ACE® Salt Water sanitizing system.
Ozone System As part of the M3sterPur™ system, ozone oxidizes inorganic contaminants and eliminates organic contaminants, destroying pathogens and microorganisms. The Freshwater III Ozone system, which neutralizes contaminants with ozone, comes standard with the Grandee NXT.
Entertainment Options The optional Bluetooth Fusion Touch Extreme Sound System allows you to stream music wirelessly or play stored music from a device. Sound quality is assured by four water-resistant speakers, two external speakers, and a subwoofer. A waterproof entertainment station allows you to stream movies via your tablet. Stream or play music on the Hot Spring wireless audio system, which features extended Bluetooth range and is compatible with your personal devices. Pop-up speakers and 22” all-weather, HD, wireless monitor may also be added.
Cover Covers are available from Master Spas® and local hot tub dealers. Choose a 3.5″ to 2.5″ foam-core vinyl cover in Slate, Chocolate, Caramel, or Evergreen.
Cover Lifter Cover lifters are available from your local hot tub dealer. Add an optional cover lifter that’s integrated into the cover for aesthetic appeal. Options include the UpRite®, CoverCradle®, CoverCradle II® or the Lift ‘n Glide®.
Steps Hot tub steps are available from Master Spas® or your local hot tub dealer. Step options in colors that complement your spa include the NXT step collection, the Everwood® HD step, and a lightweight polymer step.

The Hot Spring Highlife NXT may be your perfect hot tub


There are many different hot tubs available, and the right hot tub for you will be the one that suits your lifestyle best. Now that you’ve got a good idea of which features and options are available from some of the best hot tubs on the market, you may have a better idea of which features you find the most appealing, which will help you narrow down your search for the perfect spa.

For more information on the Highlife Collection NXT and other premium Hot Spring hot tubs, browse through our website or visit your local dealer. Many dealers offer test soaks, so you’ll get a chance to try your spa before you buy it. When you’ve made your choice, settle in and relax. A well-built hot tub will bring you joy for years to come.

Hot Spring Spas emphasizes our engineering quality and innovative designs with everything we do. We’ve engineered our spas to provide you with a blissful soak each time you slip into the water. Purity is guaranteed by our powerful filtration systems, while our energy-efficient construction preserves heat and conserves energy. Request information on pricing or download our brochure to find the hot tub you’ve been waiting for.