The true cost of a hot tub is a balance between the actual price tag and the years of connection and enjoyment it can bring to your life. Savvy spa buyers know that trying to save money on their purchase up front can mean spending more overall on higher lifetime operation and maintenance costs. High-quality hot tubs are not only stylish, comfortable, and luxurious, but they also take advantage of state-of-the-art developments in energy-efficient technology and hot tub insulation. A well-made spa can provide its owner with many more years of reliable performance—and fewer maintenance woes—than a hot tub with a more economical price tag.

Keeping the costs in terms of time and labor as well as money to maintain a hot tub in mind before you buy is an important step toward making a smart purchase. With a little research, you can develop a good idea of the amount of maintenance necessary to keep your hot tub in exceptional shape. After all, your time is valuable, and you're not buying a hot tub to add more stress to your busy life!

The good news is that you can choose a hot tub that answers the call for performance, reliability, and all-around lifestyle enrichment while avoiding any shocking demands on your time or wallet after installation. Take a closer look at these maintenance cost considerations to discover how to save time and money and gain a better sense of the kind of hot tub owner you'd like to be.


A household running an energy-efficient hot tub with premium insulation and state-of-the-art technology might spend less than $20 per month on electricity, whereas a household running a budget-priced hot tub with a larger motor and basic insulation could easily spend more than five times that amount. Here's a handy location-based energy calculator that can estimate the monthly electrical cost of operating various high-quality hot tub models. If your location is not represented on the list, choose the city or climate nearest to your own.

Your Monthly Energy Cost = Kilowatt Hours in Use x Local Rate per Kilowatt Hour

Calculate Your Hot Tub's Monthly Energy Costs

This interactive calculator estimates energy costs based on a spa set at 102°F and used six times per week, with jets on for 15 minutes and off for 15 minutes during each use.

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The energy calculator is a great starting point. Based on your exact location, your climate, and the hot tub model you're interested in purchasing, your local dealer can provide you with a more precise estimate of your expected monthly energy costs. Your dealer can also help you identify any other elements you'll need to factor into your regular expenses, such as products to maintain your water quality and the cost of the water itself.

Your Annual Water Cost = (Gallon Capacity of Hot Tub x Number of Times You'll Change the Water Each Year) x Local Rate Per Gallon of Water

Your dealer can even help you interpret how your lifestyle will impact your hot tub usage. They'll have the most up-to-date specifications for today's top energy-efficient hot tub models, the most cost-effective water quality systems, and all the best features and accessories to help save you money in the long run—and to help you make the most of your spa experience. Before making a purchase, it's always good to know as much as you can about the far-reaching benefits of owning your own home spa, as well as the scope of operating costs and maintenance responsibilities.

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The following variable considerations will affect your operation and maintenance costs once your hot tub is up and running:

  • The current cost of water and electricity in your area
  • The climate conditions in your area
  • The size of your hot tub and the number of gallons of water required to fill it
  • The temperature at which your water will be set
  • Your water quality system, plus the chemicals and other products required for quality control
  • The purchase of a high-quality hot tub cover and other features and accessories that can greatly improve your spa's performance and longevity
  • How often you'll use your hot tub
  • Whether you choose to handle the maintenance yourself (which might leave you open to potential mistakes and oversights)
  • Whether you purchase warranties and expert service that could protect you from expensive future repairs
  • And, of course, the quality of your hot tub, its insulative capacity, and the efficiency of its motors, pumps, and other components


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Your new hot tub is meant to reduce your stress and increase your quality of life. It makes sense to consider the time you might spend on lifetime hot tub maintenance as part of your overall investment. Even top-of-the-line spas require some regular care, but certain brands and dealers make it much more convenient to take care of your spa—even as it takes care of you.

Hot Tub Maintenance Tips to Save You Time

If you're a first-time hot tub owner, it's best to avoid a self-guided crash course in operation and maintenance. As resilient as your new spa may be, you can support its best performance and longevity with simple steps to keep the water clean and the hardware in good running order. Some of these steps, such as changing filters and adding chemicals to protect water quality, can be performed on your own, while others, such as upgrades and repairs requiring authorized parts, are best left to expert technicians. Get in touch with your local dealer to learn about smart maintenance.

Tips to Ensure Time-Saving Quality Care:

  • Your dealer can show you how to test your water once a week. It's fast and simple.
  • Ask your dealer about dishwasher-safe filters.
  • Consider adopting the FreshWater® System, which can mean draining and changing your water only once a year.
  • Save time preparing your spa for use with a cover lifter, which also reduces time spent cleaning the cover by keeping it safely off the ground.
  • Reach out to your dealer with any questions you may have about your owner's manual or warranty.
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Hot Tub Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

Neglecting to address minor issues and perform regular cleaning and maintenance can lead to avoidable degeneration of the spa components, which in turn can lead to more costly repairs down the road. We recommend staying in touch with your local hot tub dealer, who can guide you in all aspects of smart, cost-effective operation and maintenance. Hot Tub spring at mountain cabin

Tips to Save Money Over the Life of Your Spa:

  • Choose a hot tub with a low-watt 24-hour circulation pump for the most energy-efficient experience.
  • With today's technology, it takes more energy to heat a hot tub than it does to maintain a constant high temperature. Layered insulation and an insulated cover will help keep your spa at the perfect temperature.
  • Consider adding an option like Connextion®, an online monitoring system offered by Hot Spring®, which gives local dealers the ability to monitor and service your hot tub. If your heater stops working while you're on vacation, your dealer will be notified of the problem.
  • Look for hot tubs with LED lighting systems, which are more energy-efficient than conventional lights


The real value of your in-home spa depends on the use you get out of it. Many hot tub owners find that a relaxing, restorative soak quickly becomes a regular part of their daily lives. The more use a spa receives, the easier it becomes to keep up with routine cleaning and maintenance. Taking the cost-saving route of purchasing an award-winning energy-efficient spa that operates best while maintaining an optimal temperature with clear, constantly-circulating water is a smart choice. When owners choose a self-sustaining model and follow a simple, consistent routine for basic hot tub care, a rejuvenating soak is always ready and waiting. The value of their investment is priceless.

Reliable quality and service go hand-in-hand with Hot Spring Spas®. Our hot tubs are designed for long life, convenient operation, and unparalleled value. If you'd like a closer look, simply visit your nearest showroom. Knowledgeable representatives will be able to introduce you to proven energy-efficient hot tub models and show you how easy it is to keep up with basic maintenance. Are you ready to get your feet wet? Download a brochure for more details, and request a price quote here.